Sunday, November 09, 2008

Otter Finds Himself Strangely in Agreement with FGO!

A recent post from Fried Green Onion presents an article where a kindergarten teacher is having her students sign homosexual "pledge" cards on which they must pledge not to use anti-gay language and also pledge to intervene on behalf of homosexual students when possible.

His comments go on to ask why homosexuality is an issue at such a low level in the schools.

I find myself strangely in agreement with FGO.

First of all, I am all about not treating homosexuals as second class citizens and promote any idea of not discriminating against anyone that happens to be one but......

Does a 5 year old know what a homosexual is? Is this something we want the public school system to teach our kids? I think not.

Does a 5 year old know what a "pledge" is? They just learned how to not crap their pants. I don't think that is the age they need to be trying to swear allegiance to some cause they know nothing about.

And pledging to intervene on behalf of a homosexual student? Uhm....honestly, are there really any 5 year old homosexuals out there? Well, I guess it is possible but son is 4 and I have an older child in grade school. At this point kids in grade schools are still thinking of girls and boys as icky.  And if they did happen to know a homosexual student, which is not very likely because as I stated, they more than likely don't even know what it means but let's suspend reality for a minute. Say they did know one and for whatever reason someone was discriminating against them. Is a 5 year old really going to know what to do to "intervene on their behalf."  

Come on people, let's get serious. Not to offend anyone in the gay rights movement or anything but kindergarten is not the time nor the place to get into this sort of issue.  It is ridiculous that this teacher would even bring it up. If she was my child's teacher and the school administrators or school board let it continue, you can bet your ass I would be pulling my kid out of school and home schooling their little butt.

According to the article FGO posts, even Fox News agrees it is inappropriate for a child that young.

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