Friday, November 07, 2008

Senator Murray Answers E-Mail......sort of

Recently I wanted to voice some concerns to U.S. Senator Murray so I went to her website looking for an email address.

I found the area where I was able to send her an e-mail and was given a list of topics with which to choose from based on what type of information I wanted to ask her. 

First problem. What if what I wanted to ask her about was not on that list? What do I do then? Just make one up?

So I chose the closest subject that somehow regarded what I was talking about, typed in my concerns and hit Submit.

The next day I received an "e-mail" back. The first problem, although just kind of picky, was that it was a
pre-generated or "canned" form letter. Okay, she is a busy person, I can understand that. Maybe a quick e-mail stating that she is busy and it will take some time to get back to me. That would have been fine. No, this letter was generated to make you think that she was actually responding to your request.

The main problem was, however, that the "canned" response had absolutely NOTHING to do with what I was asking her.

If this is the kind of service she gives to all of her constituents, I think I know who we should be voting AGAINST in our state's next Senator Elections.

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