Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why Otter?

I get this questions every so often. Why Otter Limits? What is the deal with otters?

So I thought I would explain this once and for all. Pay attention, I will not explain it again. :)

Otter is a nickname that I have had since the early 90s.

Without getting too terribly detailed, here is how the nickname came out:

Once night I was hanging out with some a crowd of folks, some friends, some just people I met that night and we were engaged in some sort of discussion. If I remember it correctly, it was mildly political in nature.

Anyway, we were all fairly intoxicated at the time and at some point during the conversation i went off on some sort of a rant about why I thought that otters would one day take over the world.

There was no logic to it obviously. Just the ramblings of someone whose was not quite right in the head at the time.

Apparently though, this was a memorable rant because the next time I ran into a couple of the folks from that night, I was greeted with, "Hey, it's the Otter dude!"

The name stuck.

So there you have it.

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