Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ashamed of Christians

There are some people out there that should truly be ashamed of themselves.

This group of people I am referring to are those that call themselves Christian or claim to follow the teachings of Christ and in the same breath preach hate against certain groups of people, be it another religious group, or a particular ethnic group, or any other group of people based on anything (race, sexual orientation, nationality, etc...).

If you have really understand what Christ was about you would know that he is all about love by any means, toward anyone and everyone.

I don't care what biblical verses you might be able to come up with to attempt to justify your behaviors or actions. There is no justification for hate of ANY kind. Any scripture you use to justify hate toward another person is taken completely out of context and you know that. You just use those verses to make yourself feel better and I am not fooled.

Again, I say, you should be ashamed of yourselves and I find myself ashamed to call you all my Christian brothers and sisters.  

You know who you are.

That is all. Thank you.

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  1. So very and sadly true. I couldn't agree more.