Monday, December 22, 2008

Essential Smoking Popes/Duvall

Like the Descendents and All, I consider these 2 bands to basically be the same band. They had practically the same members. The lead songwriter and singer (Josh Caterer) is the same in both bands. In fact, when the band Duvall first started, the only Pope that did not come along was their bass player, Matt Caterer.

Anyway, here is the list. Enjoy!

  1. Adena (Born to Quit)
  2. All In Your Hands (Volume & Density)
  3. Angels We Have Heard On High (O Holy Night)
  4. Before I'm Gone (Destination Failure)
  5. Follow the Sound (Destination Failure)
  6. Gotta Know Right Now (Born to Quit)
  7. Jesus Christ (O Holy Night)
  8. Jesus Never Leaves Me (Volume & Density)
  9. Let Them Die (Get Fired)
  10. Let's Hear It For Love (Destination Failure)
  11. Megan (Destination Failure)
  12. Midnight Moon (Born to Quit)
  13. Need You Around (Born to Quit)
  14. No More Smile (Destination Failure)
  15. Not That Kind of Girlfriend (Get Fired)
  16. O Come All Ye Faithful (O Holy Night)
  17. O Holy Night (O Holy Night)
  18. Paul (Destination Failure)
  19. Pretty Pathetic (Destination Failure)
  20. Pure Imagination (Destination Failure)
  21. Racine (Volume & Density)
  22. Rubella (Born to Quit)
  23. The Moon Looks Like a Tomato (Standing at the Door)
  24. Time is Gone (Standing at the Door)
  25. True (Volume & Density)
  26. Where I Belong (Volume & Density)

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