Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Essential Weezer

I was listening to some Weezer today and I thought I would compile a list of the essential Weezer songs. Songs that I would put on a "Best Of" album if I were putting it together.

Here they are:

  1. Crab (from Weezer Green)
  2. Don't Let Go (from Weezer Green)
  3. Jamie (from the Weezer Deluxe Edition - originally from DGC Rarities)
  4. My Name is Jonas (from Weezer Blue)
  5. Only in Dreams (from Weezer Blue)
  6. Perfect Situation (from Make Believe)
  7. Pork and Beans (from Weezer Red)
  8. Say It Ain't So (from Weezer Blue)
  9. Simple Pages (from Weezer Green)
  10. Susanne (from Weezer Deluxe Edition - originally from The Mallrats Soundtrack)
  11. Beverly Hills (from Make Believe)
  12. The World Has Turned (from Weezer Blue)
  13. Surf Wax America (from Weezer Blue)
  14. In the Garage (from Weezer Blue)
  15. Island in the Sun (from Weezer Green)
  16. O Girlfriend (from Weezer Green)
  17. This Is Such a Pity (from Make Believe)

The songs that are listed in red were added to the original post after a very good point was made by Dave that any best of compilation should have more than 10 songs. Good call Lefty!


  1. What about “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here”? And nothing from Pinkerton?

  2. No, nothing from Pinkerton. I just could not come up with a song off of that album that I really considered to be one of their best.