Tuesday, December 09, 2008

iPod Shuffle of the Day

  1. Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
  2. Fire To My Soul - Demon Hunter (from The Triptych)
  3. Into the Dark - The Juliana Theory (from Emotion is Dead)
  4. Deadbeat Holiday - Green Day (from Warning)
  5. Burndt Jamb - Weezer (fromMaladroit)
  6. Wind of Change - Scorptions (from Crazy World)
  7. Like A Solider - Live (from V)
  8. Money - The Beatles (from The Beatles Second Album)
  9. Madalaine - Winger (from Winger)
  10. Pretty Pathetic - Smoking Popes (from Destination Failure)
  11. Elegy - Becoming the Archetype (from Terminate Damnation)
  12. Alexithymia - Anberlin (from Cities)
  13. Life of Praise - Casting Crowns (from Casting Crowns)
  14. Walls - Emery (from The Weak's End)


  1. Do you like The Juliana Theory or only certain albums?

  2. I pretty much like The Juliana Theory in general. There are some albums of theirs that I don't think are as good as some of their others, but I still like them.

    I own quite a few of their albums. I don't think I have them all though.