Friday, December 26, 2008

Results of the Best Modern Western Poll

This poll closed earlier today with only 5 people voting. Must be low voting because of the holidays. You might have seen that there were 6 votes toward the end of the poll if you were following closely but it turns out that Dave actually accidentally voted twice by mistake so his 2nd votes does not count.

Anyway the results are with 2 votes (as opposed to every other movie's one vote) the winner goes to the movie Unforgiven.

The Quick and The Dead, Tombstone and 3:10 to Yuma each got one vote while Wyatt Earp and Young Guns surprisingly did not get any votes.  

So I am going to wait a few days to give everyone some time to recover from the holidays before I post another poll.

Have a Merry Christmas (not trying to offend anyone but sorry, I don't say Happy Holidays) and a Happy New Year!!!

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