Sunday, December 07, 2008


Check out this article entitled Toothpicks from The Ooze.

Here are a few good quotes from the article:
Although many Christians are comfortable condemning homosexuals as sinners, Jesus seems to have been comfortable associating with, touching, loving, and befriending a planet full of sinful people. Including homosexuals. And heterosexuals. And architects. And artists. And preachers. And smart mouthed children. And other pagans like me.

When we condemn those that Jesus forgives, we stand in danger of becoming the very people that Jesus himself most often condemned.

"Jesus interacted with whores and thieves, politicians and preachers, the demon possessed, homeless people, tax collectors, the terminally ill, and probably even gay people. Fortunately, however, he never pointed a finger and said, 'it's your fault I'm here. If you'd just control yourselves I wouldn't have had to roll out of heaven, get dressed in this garbage, and make lunch for you and your five thousand friends."

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