Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Currently Reading: Introduction to Christianity

TITLE: Introduction to Christianity
AUTHOR: Joseph Ratzinger
PUBLISHED BY: Communio Books/Ignatius Press

I recently read a biography about the current Pope and decided to read some of his writings. I ended up starting off with this one. I thought it would be interesting to get Pope Benedict's take on the essentials.

So far I am not disappointed with the book. He writes in a way that is just a tad hard to follow but I have been making my way through it. The guy is apparently very well-educated (of course, I already knew that having read his biography lol!).

Anyway, here is a really cool quote I got out of it so far:
"Faith is not a recitation of doctrines, an acceptance of theories about things of which in themselves one knows nothing and therefore asserts something all the signifies an 'about turn' by the whole person that from then on constantly structures one's is a conversion, an about turn, a shift of being...."


  1. Considering your stance on the war against radical Islam... you might wanna check out "How To Be A Dhimmi for Dummies", "Converting To Islam: It's Not a Choice Anymore", "Proper Throat-cutting 101", "Jihad Gone Wild by The Religion of Peace", "Islam: Promoting a Woman's Right to not have rights for over 1,000 years"... I have more if you run out.

  2. Red....what in the hell are you talking about?!? Have you lost your mind? Sometimes you don't make any damn sense at all.

  3. I mean really Red. What the hell does me reading a book written by the Pope have ANYTHING to do with my stance on the war?

    I will tell you. Absolutely nothing! They are not related in the least bit.

  4. I was just suggesting some books for you to read... this post is about books right?

  5. *sigh* Red this one was pathetic, even for you.

  6. Otter, I sincerely apologize for my comment(s) and also if my "currently reading" post hurt your feelings.

    I enjoy your blog and your conversation.

  7. It didn't hurt my feelings at all Red. It just irritating the crap out of me that you would post some stupid political remark in response to something totally unrelated.

  8. Apology accepted though. :)