Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Essential Bad Religion

I do not listen to this band as much as I used to, I am not sure why really. But I used to really love this band. However, I will say that I was somewhat disappointed in their newest album, New Maps of Hell. I was not all that impressed with it.

Anyway.....before I go onto the list, I would like to tell everyone not to let the name of the band fool them. The band themselves are not necessarily anti-religion. Their songs focus more on social and political issues and are more about anti-conformity than anything else.

Anyway here is the list of the Essential Bad Religion:
  1. 21st Century Digital Boy (Stranger Than Fiction)*
  2. A Walk (The Gray Race)
  3. All Good Soldiers (Recipe for Hate)
  4. Along the Way (Back to the Known)
  5. American Jesus (Recipe for Hate)
  6. Change of Ideas (No Control)
  7. Do What You Want (Suffer)
  8. Drunk Sincerity (The Gray Race)
  9. Generator (Generator)
  10. Give You Nothing (Suffer)
  11. Hear It (No Substance)
  12. I Love My Computer (New America)
  13. I Want Something More (No Control)
  14. I Want to Conquer the World (No Control)
  15. In So Many Ways (No Substance)
  16. Individual (Stranger Than Fiction)
  17. Infected (Stranger Than Fiction)
  18. Inner Logic (Stranger Than Fiction)
  19. It Must Look Pretty Appealing (No Control)
  20. Leaders and Followers (Clerks Soundtrack)
  21. Let Them Eat War (The Empire Strikes First)
  22. Marked (Stranger Than Fiction)
  23. Modern Day Catastrophists (Recipe for Hate)
  24. Modern Man (Against the Grain)
  25. New Dark Ages (New Maps of Hell)
  26. Only Entertainment (Generator)
  27. Operation Rescue (Against the Grain)
  28. Portrait of Authority (Recipe for Hate)
  29. Punk Rock Song (The Gray Race)
  30. Shades of Truth (No Substance)
  31. Sorrow (Process of Belief)
  32. Spirit Shine (The Gray Race)
  33. Stranger Than Fiction (Stranger Than Fiction)
  34. Struck a Nerve (Recipe for Hate)
  35. Suffer (Suffer)
  36. The Answer (Generator)
  37. The Hopeless Housewife (New America)
  38. The Streets of America (The Gray Race)
  39. We're Only Gonna Die (How Could Hell Be Any Worse?)
  40. What It Is (Stranger Than Fiction)
  41. Yesterday (Back to the Known)
  42. You Are the Government (Suffer)
* This song was also released on the album Against the Grain. I like the version of Stranger Than Fiction better.


  1. First off, this band is AWESOME!

    Second, it's funny you brought up Bad Religion now because I was just explaining to my future mother-in-law what an influential role they had in pop/punk. They started as a hardcore punk band in the early '80s along with Dead Kennedy's and Minor Threat and such, but they soon shifted in the late '80s early '90s toward a sound that pretty much set up the template for a lot of the bands that followed, probably even Green Day.

    Finally, though, I'm pretty sure this band is hardcore anti-religion. Here's why...Their logo is the cross with a NO sign over it. Most of the songs subtly lambaste religion and all of them are written from a secular humanist point of view. If they are not blatantly anti-religous, they are definitely anti-gospel and anti-religion in terms of their worldview and the line of thinking they promote.

    But for blatant anti-Christian lyrics check these out:

    American Jesus: "He's the fuel that drives the Klan, (Cave in)
    He's the motive and the conscience of the murderer, (We can redeem your sins)
    He's the preacher on T.V., (Strong heart)
    The false sincerity, (Clear mind)
    The form letter that's written by the big computers, (And infinitely kind)
    The nuclear bombs, (You lose)
    The kids with no moms, (We win)
    And I'm fearful that he's inside me... (He is our champion)"

    God song: "Now we all see religion is just synthetic flippery. Unnecessary in our expanding global cultural efficiency."

    Adam's Atoms: "The righteous opposition has led us all astray
    One side against the other, one loses one reclaimed
    And if reconciliation eludes us every day
    Then will we ever find a way
    Find a way
    Not with a religionious gaze"

    God's Love: "Tell me!) Tell me; where is the love?
    In a careless creation
    When there’s no “above”
    There’s no justice
    Just a cause and no cure
    And a bounty of suffering
    It seems we all endure
    And what I’m frightened of
    Is that they call it “God’s love”

    And there are others like "Don't Pray On Me," "Better Off Dead," "Grains of Wrath," the list goes on.

    So OK they may not be down on religion (I don't see anything about Buddhism or Islam etc. in their lyrics) but they are against Christ.

  2. If I am not mistaken Greg Graffin (did I spell that right?) is an atheist, which would explain much of the contents of his lyrics. I think the thing that this band is railing against more than anything is authority.

  3. The information about their behavior I got came from quotes that I read from interviews with the actual members.

    The reason they use the cross is that is a symbol of organized religion as a whole which itself is a symbol of conformity and suppression of freedom.

    From what I understand the singer, Gred Graffin, is the only self admitted full blown atheist in the band. Brett considers himself a deist while I have read that Greg Hetson and Jay Bentley hold some sort of religious beliefs although I'm not sure what.

    However, it is an interesting point that you bring up. When they do go religion bashing (so to speak) in their songs it is always directed toward Christianity and not other religions. Hmm....

    That being said. I really do like the band's music and think they were highly influential. It is a constant struggle for me dealing with whether or not I should be listening to them.