Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Israel Bombing Medical Facilities?

Has anyone read about this?

Is anyone in the United States government asking Israel WTH?

Seems to me if this country wants our continued support I would tell them to knock this crap off. There is NO reason they should be bombing hospitals or shooting at ambulance crews. According to this article Israel is denying that they have shot at any medical personnel but the article also talks about an actual medic that was shot at by soldiers 4 times this week!

I find it hard to support Israel’s actions when I read stuff like this.

Any thoughts?


  1. They are telling people to flee, but won't allow them to leave Gaza, so figure that one out while you're at it too. Innocent people are trapped, helpless and sitting targets. Ridiculous.

  2. The links aren't working...

  3. Yeah, I just realized I screwed up with the URL. Sorry about that Brad. Try it now.