Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Currently Reading: Catholic Does Not Equal the Vatican

TITLE: Catholic Does Not Equal the Vatican
AUTHOR: Rosemary Radford Ruether
PUBLISHER: The New York Press

Here are some excerpts from the blurb that summarizes the book:

"Millions of Catholics throughout the world...feel ambivalent about the hierarchical Catholic institution and the rightward agendas of the current and previous popes. [They] long for a church that would more closely reflect their own beliefs and experiences, a church that would offer a welcoming community and serve as a global leader in the fight for justice.........."

"Ruether calls for the dismantling of sexist teaching and authoritarian values, while promoting egalitarian communities that welcome women, gays, and lesbians into full equality in the church and even ordination...."

So I have read about half of this book already and so far I can say that I don't buy into most of what this person is saying but I can almost understand where she is coming from. Personally, I think the author of this book is little bitter.


  1. I'm not catholic but I've herded cattle before and you always have a few that stray off in their own directions.... the choice you have is whether to take the entire herd following the strays or you keep the herd moving in the right direction and lose a few strays along the way.

    Actually I've never herded cattle but it was a good story wasn't it?

  2. No offense to Catholics or anything, but that was a pretty good analogy there Red.

  3. I agree. That was a good analogy.

    Personally I think the Church is taking the later road but at the same time trying to keep the cows they do have from straying.

  4. That's true otter... back in the day, we used to send out a feller on a cuttin horse to bring those stray li'l doggies back to the herd... if they refused, we ate 'em.