Friday, February 06, 2009

Freedom of Choice Act?

I just reading finished some information about this bill.

I first saw it brought up by Red at his article about it.

Then I did some reading about it on the Wiki article about it.

I have to be honest here, maybe I just don't completely understand what I just read but why is this necessary?  Didn't Roe v Wade already make abortions legal? Do you really need our elected officials in Washington wasted their time to create a law that is already a law?  Don't they have better things to do with their time? Like, oh I don't know, fix the failing economy?

I'm not going to get into whether or not I support this, most people that read my blog already know that I am admittedly completely on the fence about the abortion issue so I am not going to waste your time by going into that here.

I just want to know why it is really necessary for this to even have been introduced?


  1. It's introduced, because Congress (and supporters) fears that the Supreme Court is narrowing Roe too much and is afraid it will be overturned. The decision is not law.

  2. Admittedly I know next to nothing about this bill. The Wiki article didn’t give a ton of information, but then again I didn’t go digging for more.

    Honestly though, I am so sick and tired of the abortion issue. I HIGHLY doubt Roe v. Wade is going to get overturned and see abortion as one of those distraction issues like flag burning. Instead of spending our time and money on serious issues, we battle senselessly over abortion. Imagine if all of this energy spent on this issue was instead spent on trying to prevent abortions and unwanted pregnancies. What a difference THAT could make.

  3. I agree that the abortion issue distracts from more pressing issues, single issue (pro-choice and anti-choice) voters also frustrate me for the same reason.

  4. I agree...single issue voters kill me.

  5. "(I)..see abortion as one of those distraction issues like flag burning"

    Right, ...burning a symbol made of cloth and paint and killing a living human being... same thing.

    *shaking head*
    wow... only in liberaland.

    I personally don't know a single.. single-issue voter... but I do know someone that voted for someone he disagreed with on the issues... simply because he "trusted him" more... is that person a one-issue voter?

    And I do know people that voted for Obama simply because he is (supposedly) "black"... and others who voted for him simply because he is a Democrat(ic) I guess they are one-issue voters.

    Are you trying to tell me that there is not one single issue for YOU that is a deal breaker?


  6. (Note: The following response was written in a moment of great frustration, has a few bad words in it, and falls short of the level of discourse that I usually hold myself and others to. What can I say? I’m human.)

    Great job mocking me there jackass. You know what Red. I try so hard to treat you (and everyone else for that matter) with respect and what do I get in return? Retarded ass comments like this in which you think it is more productive to make fun of me than to address a single thing that I actually said. This comment specifically is probably not the best example of your shtick, but it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Like I said in my response to your comment on the snake post on my blog, talking to you feels like talking to a brick wall and honestly I’m getting tired of it. I’m sure at some point soon you will out do even yourself and post something so incredibly asinine and offensive that you decide to go into blog-hiding for a few months and we’ll get some peace.

    And do you know what the truly aggravating part of all of this is Red? I actually like you. I think you’re a decent guy, but you have the talent for spouting off at the keyboard in ways that are so flipping counter productive it is mind boggling. You have good points to make yet they get lost in the nonsense. This isn’t anything new either Red. We have had this talk before and you have shown me that you can participate in the dialogue without being a total ass-hat yet you chose not to. That is the infuriating part.

    *sigh* I think I need a drink…

  7. I haven't ever been embarrassed by anything I have written on my blog... sorry.

    You compare flag burning to killing a human being and I'm the jackass?

    So... would you prefer I sit in the corner or stand at the blackboard with my nose in a circle?

    but... at least answer my question.
    Is there not one single issue that if a candidate took that stance that would be a deal breaker for you or not?

  8. Okay Red. I'm sorry for the jackass comment. I have just gotten fed up with things and this was the post that I used to let off the steam.

    In answer to your question...maybe. I tend to vote more on people than issues. I look at the overall picture of where a candidate stands on a variety of issues and then make my decision whether or not to support him/her.

  9. dave... I'm sorry for antagonizing you. I didn't realize you had other stuff going on but I want you to know I respect you and enjoy your comments and appreciate what you have to say... honestly.
    If jackass is the worst thing you ever call me.. we're fine.

  10. ... but abortion is still prenatal homicide, murder.

    Approve of it if you will, but at least be honest about what it really is.

    The question really should be it "justifiable homicide" or just homicide. Then you can debate when it is justifiable... as in self defense (life of the mother) etc.

    If and/or when we grant personhood to the unborn then and only then can we call ourselves.. "evolved".