Friday, February 06, 2009

The Just War Doctrine

Has anyone ever read this? I am currently reading a book that talked about it a bit. I found it interesting and thought I would share some of it.

It is basically a reminder that war requires serious consideration and it not necessarily a completely political matter but also a moral one.

Anyway, here are some criteria that were listed to determine if a war is just or not.
  1. The cause must be just. For instance, to protect people from unjust attack.
  2. It must be declared by competent authorities.
  3. It must be a LAST resort AFTER all possible peaceful solutions have been exhausted.
  4. Its ends must be proportionate to its means. The evils of it cannot outweigh the good.
  5. Its intentions must be right. It cannot be motivated by revenge or hate.
  6. Success must be probable. If there is no possibility of winning or if too many will be killed as a result of it, it is not just.
Any thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. 1- Since justification for a war means different things to different people... it is impossible to get everyone to agree on what is "just".
    Example: In Iraq, America liberated over 30 million people suffering under the brutal tyranny of Saddam Hussein who now govern themselves in free and democratic elections... but to the left, eliminating a brutal dictator is not a just cause.

    2- "competent authorities"... according to who? The left never admits any Republican is competent so there is no such thing.

    3- "Last resort"... again this is impossible to agree on what that term means... to the right it meant that we should act against an enemy hell-bent on our destruction before he can carry it off... to the left it means doing arresting the person AFTER we are attacked.

    4- According to who? In the case of Iraq, the end is that Iraq is a free country and ally to the US but to the left... there is no ending that can justify fighting a war.

    5- "Motivation" is another term that means one thing to the left and another to the right... our motives in Iraq were just and good... but not to the left, according to them it was for oil. Never mind we don't get our oil from Iraq.

    6- Success apparently is subjective... we were successful in Iraq, but the left including Obama refuses to admit it, discuss it or define it. If one side is totally committed to defeat, (like the left in Iraq) then any success isn't recognized even when it occurs.

    So... from what I can see from these 6 points, there is never a just cause for war unless you are fighting it on your own homeland against a foreign invader.

    A Perfect anti-war guide for anti-war lefties I'd say.