Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Criminal Charges Filed?!?!?

First first this article Abortionists Stripped of Medical License.

The actions of these workers is not abortion. It is not following through with the mother's wishing of ending her pregnancy. This is out right murder.

To me this just does not seem like one of those gray area abortion things.

Well that's my opinion anyway.

I am appalled.


  1. Brave post otter. I tip my hat.

    I read that there were around 400 live birth abortions per year that were REPORTED last year but also that number was under the real number due to the fact that most go un-reported as reporting one causes much problems for the facility and staff.

    You are right of course it is murder... homicide in fact.

  2. It makes my physically ill.

  3. Well I don't go into this much, but my wife and I haven't been able to have children (I have 2 by a previous marriage who are grown) and she gets very emotional whenever she learns about a baby that simply became someone's choice to kill. It rips her to the core... and so now you know why I probably blog so passionately against abortion.

  4. I am sorry to hear that Red.

    We can't have anymore either. Jesi had to have her girl parts taken out because of the cancer.

    Thank God we already had 3 though.

  5. I read only part of this article the other day and it made me physically ill so I had to stop. I hope that criminal charges do get filed because otherwise justice is not happening here.

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  7. By amending the Constitution defining "personhood" (which has never been defined), criminal charges would not be in question.. nor would Roe v Wade.

    The question then would be if it was justifiable homicide or murder.

    We could define the life of the mother as self defense and then justifiable homicide... or as in this case, either involuntary manslaughter or murder...
    Define personhood to include the unborn and the entire matter is resolved.