Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Abortion Debate Continues

Over at KittenStomper's site, the gloves have come off.

I recently commented on this post and felt that I wanted more people to read over this debate to get other's two cents worth.

And here is my response to his latest comment on the post:

"would you force a rape victim to give birth to her rapist's child? The victim of incest to give birth to her very own brother?"

Let us discuss some numbers:

In a poll conducted by Planned Parenthood, 1900 women were surveyed and as it pertains to the reason for their abortion, these were the results:

21% - not ready for the responsibility
21% - could not afford the baby
16% - concerned over how the baby would change their life
12% - blamed a relationship problem
11% - not mature enough
8% - had enough children
1% - the result of rape or incest

A woman that is raped has other choices. Abortion is not the only choice. It takes several HOURS for conception to happen after sexual intercourse. She has the right and could make the choice to go to an emergency room and be treated with a spermicide.

Another study shows that victims of incest rarely ever voluntarily agree to an abortion. Rather they view the pregnancy as a way out of the incestuous relationship because the birth of a child would expose the sexual activity.

"Or if giving birth was a death sentence, due to a health concern, of the mother?"

I believe what you might be asking here is the ole pro-choice standby 'what about in cases where the woman's life or health might be in danger?'

I don't think this is a valid concern. In any case where a mother's life could be in danger if she were to give birth to a child, a doctor would induce labor or perform a C-section.
A similar argument would be if your house is on fire and you had to choose whether to save your wife or your child, who would you choose?

"legislating your opposition.....eliminate the right for them...from weighing their unique circumstances.."

What unique circumstances?

And as far as taking a woman's LEGAL right to an abortion?

Does a woman have the LEGAL right to drive 100 mph on the freeway? No, she does not.
Does a woman have the LEGAL right to not pay her taxes? No, she does not.
Does a woman have the LEGAL right to sell her organs on eBay? No, she does not.
Does a woman have the LEGAL right to sell her body for sexual favors? No, she does not.

You see, people have fewer rights in this country than you really think they do but this is a great country and we do have many rights afforded to us. However, I think giving a woman the LEGAL right to KILL another human being should not be included in the rights we do have.


  1. ohh-ohh, I know, I know, the answer... is, ahem, cough cough, it goes something like this...

    "Women in American don't need some woman hating homophobic sexist white dude in Seattle all hopped-up on caffeine and that heavymetalrock crap telling responsible women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies."

    (So, Ignore the fact that we are killing an innocent human being in the process of 'liberating' women from the so-called control of white guys in Seattle... and Denver... and OKC etc)

    Why do you knuckledragging rightwing white dudes hate women otter?

    How was that for defending a persons right to murder an unborn child kitty?

    Notice I never mentioned the innocent unborn child in the defense for a woman to kill it. Right out of the playbook huh.

  2. actually i have been caffeine free for 2 weeks now. i gave up caffeine for Lent.

  3. ...so that explains it. lol

    I hope you get my dripping sarcasm and humor above and it is taken in the spirit delivered.

  4. LOL!

    Hmmm...now that you mention it, I have been getting a little more hard core about the abortion issue since giving up caffeine. Hmm.....

  5. This is off topic, but in response to something in the original post.

    “Does a woman have the LEGAL right to sell her body for sexual favors? No, she does not.”

    Has anyone thought it a bit odd that you can legally get paid for having sex on film, but not in a hotel room? Color my crazy, but both should be legal. How much time and energy is wasted by the police going after prostitution rings? Legalize, regulate it, and tax it. It will become cleaner, safer, and probably cheaper.

    I would also say the same thing about drugs and gambling.

  6. Yeah, prostitution is a totally different deal...(no life and death decision) it is a person and their body... except the public health safety aspect I suppose, it's more of a moral judgement that society makes sometimes... when a majority wants it changed it will.. or won't... why were you thinking of becoming a hooker?

  7. just to talk... as friends... for research.

  8. Hey you should check out www.forgivenme.com. It's a really great website. :)

  9. Hardy har har Red.

  10. In all seriousness though, if people (specifically conservatives) really wanted the government out of their lives and the business of the citizenry then things like drugs, prostitution, gambling, and pornography would be decriminalized. Unfortunately that's not how many see it.

  11. You are taking their platform to the extreme...and not the reality, which isn't like you dave.

    Republicans stand for the rule of law and certainly recognize the need for society to pass and enforce laws... like all people conservatives recognize that some things are just not acceptable to the society as a whole or not good for society as a whole, thus laws are passed and laws get changed.

    When and where has open prostitution and legalization of heroin HELPED the poor or HELPED anyone? When has either ever done anything but destroy people's lives?

    Of course conservatives oppose it, it's not a conflict at all and doesn't imply they support big government.

    I'm a little surprised you would go down that extreme leftist road view of conservatives.

  12. Did you know that the first and best argument that I ever heard for the legalization of drugs was written and presented by William F. Buckley? That is correct. The man who started the National Review and influenced nearly every conservative of the last 50 years and he was passionate and logical about it.

    The argument that you are presenting here Red is classic conservative; classic in the Alexander Hamilton kind of way. Hamilton was a believer in order and his arch nemesis was a believer in liberty (i.e. Jefferson and Madison). At the most basic levels, conservatives want the government to be able to tell you what to do with your morals but not your money, liberals what the government to be able to tell you what to do with your money but not your morals, libertarians don’t want the government to be able to tell you what to do with anything, and totalitarians/authoritarians want the government to be able to tell you what to do with everything. I am a liberal-libertarian. You Red are a conservative. Dick Cheney would be a conservative-authoritarian. And so far Obama would be a liberal (that leans a bit in the liberal-authoritarian direction). I threw in those last two for fun.

  13. So murder, rape and slavery are morally wrong and the government should stay out of it?

    And you would oppose making smoking illegal?


    What we drive and when we drive it?


  14. Leave it to you Red to jump to the extremist (and a bit nonsensical) conclusion. Rape, murder, and slavery are things that do harm to others and thus should be outlawed. That is a reasonable, moral, and common sense position. What I am referring to is the need to decriminalize the things that do not harm others. The #1 reason why there is crime associated with drugs is because it is illegal to sell them. By making it legal to sell drugs, the crime and violence currently associated with drugs would disappear. Things like DWI and public intoxicated laws would not change. So if you get in a car wreck stoned out of your mind, you would still get a DWI.

    In answer to your other (silly) questions…No, no, no, and no.

  15. Prostitution doesn't harm anyone else...? hmmm ever heard of std's? Abortion doesn't harm anyone else? Not unless you consider death harmful to life.

    A "Liberal Libertarian"... wait a minute.
    It just occurred to me who your perfect candidate is... dave, you should become a Ronbot. No kidding, he loves to quote the Constitution and talk about liberty but in reality is a liberal in many respects such as foreign policy, legalization of drugs and prostitution and such. Ron Paul is your man dude, get the tinfoil out and get after it.

  16. While on the abortion subject. I did end up going to that prayer vigil in front of the Planned Parenthood last night. It was amusing. My preacher and I were the only ones there (I think most of the people here were at a clinic closer to downtown than where we decided to go). We didn't care, we stood out there all by ourselves praying for the souls of the people working at the clinic...and the people trying to make the decision whether to or not...and especially for the souls of those poor babies.

  17. You did something good for your community, your country and fellow humanity Steve, I am thankful for what you did and you never know who may have seen you from their car and later... think about it and decide against having an abortion, you just never know what impact you have, but again... I applaud you.