Thursday, March 05, 2009

U2 Does the Top Ten List

I was watching Letterman tonight, waiting for U2 to play (like I have the last two nights) when low and behold they come on earlier in the show to do the Top 10 List!

Here is the list:

Top 10 Things U2 Has Learned Over the Years

10. A lot of people think I am the guy that sang with Cher -- Bono
9. I suck at Guitar Hero -- The Edge
8. Dumb people think we are You Tube -- Adam
7. Even my family asks, are you Adam or Larry? -- Larry
6. There is always quite a stir at Applebee's when they say 'U2-party of four!" -- Bono
5. Cool name: The Edge, Uncool name: The Itch -- The Edge
4. Melted cheese tastes good on everything -- Adam
3. Sometimes when we shout 'are you ready to rock!' we don't really care if you are ready to rock. -- Larry
2. It's never too soon to start working on a phony Irish accent -- U2 collectively
1. Up close you can totally see Letterman's hairpiece -- Bono

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  1. OMG # 3 is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!