Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Politics 101: FOCA

The Freedom of Choice Act a bill that would effectively create a national abortion policy in the United States and require that the government fund and promote abortions.

In fact, this bill is passed, would require taxpayers to fund abortions and would force all states to allow partial-birth abortions.

It would also require physicians that oppose abortion based on religious of moral grounds to perform them.

Personally, I think that this a very poor bill and we should do everything in our power to keep this bill from becoming law. We the taxpayers should not be forced to fund something we do not believe in. Furthermore, the taking away of the rights of states (even though it has been going on nearly since the inception of our nation's history) is a very bad thing! Unfortunately, we have a federal government today that is controlled primarily by those in favor of this bill so the minority in Congress that opposes it will really have to put up a fight in order to get it knocked down.

What can we do? We can write our Representatives and our Senators. We can even write the President. Not sure how much good it would do but if enough people do it, perhaps those in power will realize what a bad idea it really is.


  1. There is no reason for this bill. The current abortion laws provide more than enough protections for a woman’s right to choose. Also, I completely agree that partial birth abortions should be outlawed.

  2. It helps to know where a person is coming from.. ya know?

    We disagree on many things and ways to make our country better, but the fact that I know you have a heart and that it is connected to your brain tells me something about each of you.
    Dave.. I already knew of your character from your ability to see past the cloud of deception during the Iraq war in spite of your admitted left leaning bias. You went out on a limb for your beliefs and I'll always admire that.
    Otter, you too are in my book as a good person whom I now know for certain that at some level we agree... for from that basic level of agreement many things can come.

    Okay... now that that's over I can get back to bashing you both... like little step brothers... noogies for both of ya'.
    But also remember I've got your back if ever needed.

  3. What you have said here Red actually gives me some hope for our country. We have found a common ground and have worked from there to engage in (normally) civil debate. Hopefully this will spread.

  4. I started to leave a comment here, but decided to make it a post.