Thursday, April 30, 2009

The First 100

So I thought I would post my thoughts on the first 100 days of the Obama administration.

First, I would like to post some facts and figures:

  • $235 billion spent between Jan 20 and Apr 20 to bail out the financial institutions.
  • $558.4 billion increase in the public debt between Jan 20 and Apr 20.
  • 2 million jobs lost between Jan 20 and Apr 20.
  • 908,666 homes foreclosed on between Jan 20 and Apr 20.
  • 27 bank failures.

I understand. It has only been 100 days. I get that. It's not like any one person can really completely turn things around for our country.


He promised to do so much in his first 100 days while he was on his campaign and in my opinion has done exactly jack squat.
Now I'm not naive. I don't really believe in the promises of a politician, especially not this one. But I have to think of all of the disenfranchised voters that he bamboozled.

So, has he done ANYTHING at ALL to improve our country?

From my standpoint, all he has proven that he can do is to spend our money. And has not even spend it on anything useful in my opinion.

Hell, I can spend money. We don't need some elected Washington jerk-off to do THAT!

Well, those are my brief thoughts on his first 100 days.

Any comments?


  1. One wonders how bad things would currently be had our President not spent anything in an effort to prop up an economy left as a quadriplegic from the Bush economic miracle.

    I disagree with his handling of our banksters, however. The choice, it seems to me, is to save the system or save the banksters. He chose door number two.

    As far as the stimulus goes, it was just a parachute to slow our descent.

    What we are dealing with is the results of someone who thought we could fight two wars, expand the federal government by forty percent and cut taxes at the same time, which of course is complete insanity.

  2. You do make a good point in describing much of the problems in our country (heck, the world) being caused by the previous administration's policies. And I do agree with that.

    However, I still think that the current administration is not doing everything they can to fix the situation. But again, it's only been 100 days. I am still willing to give the man the benefit of the doubt and see what he can do as time progresses, even though I still don't trust him.

  3. The economy and what the government is doing to save it is bullcrap. What the government is and has been doing, democrat and republican alike, for the last twenty years, is pass pet projects and pork bill legislation as much as possible to line the pockets of them and their friends. I don't care if you are Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, a Bush, Bill Clinton, or Barak Obama, it's all the same ploy: use either a phony or real national or international crisis as an excuse or distraction in order to drive legislation through that will benefit you and your friends either with power or wealth.

  4. ... so run for office and change things boys.

  5. Sadly I doubt that guys like Otter or Scott could get elected. They don't fit into the nice little categories that most politicians do. Besides that, they have a souls.

  6. Yeah, I would agree with Dave on that one. There is no way that I would ever get elected to office. Politicial office is for guys and girls that can be controlled by political parties and for the most part totally espouse the ideas of their political ideology.