Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunny Day Real Estate: DOTM

Dave's recent post on Oklahoma Lefty about this Seattle band doing a reunion prompted me to do a DOTM for them.

Released in May 1994 by Sub Pop.
Produced by Brad Wood.
Band Lineup:
Jeremy Enigk - vocals, guitar; Nate Mendel - bass; Dan Hoerner - guitar, vocals; William Goldsmith - drums.
Tracks: 11
"Seven" "In Circles" "Song About an Angel" "Round" "47" "The Blankets Were the Stairs" "Pheurton Skeurto" "Shadows" "48" "Grendel" "Sometimes"

Sunny Day Real Estate
Released in November 1995 by Sub Pop.
Produced by Brad Wood.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 9
"Friday" "Theo B" "Red Elephant" "5/4" "Waffle" "8" "Iscarabaid" "J'nuh" "Rodeo Jones"

How It Feels to be Something On
Released in September 1998 by Sub Pop.
Produced by Greg Williamson.
Personnel changes:
Nate Mendel did not appear on this album. Bass was done by Jeff Palmer.
Tracks: 10
"Pillars" "Roses in Water" "Every Shining Time You Arrive" "Two Promies" "100 Million" "How It Feels to Be Something On" "The Prophet" "Guitar and Video Games" "The Shark's Own Private Fuck" "The Days Were Golden"

Sunny Day Real Estate Live
Live album released in October 1999 by Sub Pop.
Tracks: 11
"Pillars" "Guitar and Video Games" "The Blankets were the Stars" "100 Million" "Every Shining Time You Arrive" "Song About an Angel" "The Prophet" "J'nuh" "Rodeo Jones" "In Circles" "Days Were Golden"

The Rising Tide
Released June 2000 by Time Bomb Recordings.
Produced by Lou Giordano.
Band lineup:
Jeremy Enigk - bass, guitar, vocals; William Goldsmith - drums; Dan Hoerner - guitar.
Tracks: 11
"Killed by an Angel" "One" "Rain Song" "Disappear" "Snibe" "The Ocean" "Fool in the Photograph" "Tearing in my Heart" "Television" "Faces in Disguise" "The Rising Tide"

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