Friday, May 15, 2009

America Failing?

I really felt like I needed to respond to a recent post by Red S Tater entitled "Entitlement: The New Patriotism?"

I have said it before and I will say it again. America is a great place to live. There is a lot about this land that makes it great. But there is also a lot about it that is not so great. I have stated this on my blog several times.

Red, you mentioned that you think I (or whoever you were addressing in your post) want "to make American less like America and more like countries that have failed or are failing." This is what I would like to address.

Here is a little fact that I need to clue you in on. America IS failing.

When millions of people are out of work...something has failed.

When teenage pregnancy and the abortion rate is skyrocketing...something has failed.

When childhood obesity and diabetes and early heart disease is on the rise...something has failed.

When there are people on the street that can't find work and would rather kill their children to spare them having to live in a rotten environment, and then kill themselves...something has failed.

When high school students are loading up with guns and shooting up their schools because they can't get along with the other students....something has failed.

But who do you blame? Red, you would probably blame the left, and the left alone.

Me? I blame the masses.

I blame the left. I blame the right.

I blame the liberal. I blame the conservative.

I blame the Democrat. I blame the Republican.

I blame them all because they can never seen to agree on anything long enough to make any real lasting changes. They would rather exploit their differences and go on and on about how they are right and the other side is wrong.

I blame politicians. The ones that line their pockets from lobbyists on both sides of any given issue and ensure that nothing ever gets done.

I blame the government. The government has failed us all. But I don't just blame politics and politicians.

I blame irresponsible parents that don't teach their kids right from wrong. I blame lazy parents that feed their kids crap constantly. I blame parents that never should have been parents in the first place.

I blame irresponsible and lazy educators that allow our children to graduate from high school without knowing how to read or how to do simple arithmetic.

I blame big businesses that are more concerned with turning a profit than they are about making a safe product or about taking care of their employees.

I blame the auto industry that engages in dishonest and self-destructive practices and then wants the people that they are screwing to bail them out of their worsening financial situation.

I blame the mortgage lenders that gave loans to people who obviously could never afford their mortgage payments or the one's that didn't know what they were getting themselves into.

I blame the people that applied for home loans that they knew they couldn't afford and did it anyway. I blame the people that did not ask enough questions about owning a home before they knew what they were getting themselves into.

See, I don't point my finger at just one particular group. We are all to blame. We have all contributed to the decline of modern civilization.

I blame George W Bush and his father for the mess we are in just as much as I blame Barack Obama or Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton.

I am not a lefty or a liberal or a Democrat.

I am not a righty or a conservative or a Republican.

I am an American that sees a problem with this country and tries as much as he can to point that out so that the masses can see a point of view that differs from the flag-waving uber-citizen that thinks their brand of politics is the cure for all the ills of society and claims that everything the other side says is wrong and idiotic.

So what needs to happen? How do we fix it? How can we cure this sickness that is happening to our country?

Honestly, I don't know. If I had all the answers I probably wouldn't be sitting here talking to you guys about it.

But I know where we can start.

Both sides of the issues need to get together and talk. Explore their similarities. Brainstorm. Try to come up with some solutions that are mutually beneficial to all.

I have said this time and time again. We all disagree. That is fine. But unless we can spend some time exploring how we are the same and rationally discuss the problems in our country (instead of wrapping our heads around how different our ideologies area and waste our time proving who is right and who is wrong) nothing will ever get done. Ever.


  1. Wow, I won't try to respond to each of the things I disagree with here obviously there are many.... I guess I would cut to the chase and ask you if America is failing as you claim, then why is is still the final destination of choice for immigration and still the envy of virtually every other rational country on the planet?

    This is the same logic that says our team is failing because other teams score on us and we have injuries and our defense is old, even though our team has never lost a game.

    If your measure of success is 100% employment of people among whom are some that don't want to be employed...
    and your measure is socialized medicine over our system even though national healthcare hasn't worked anywhere on the planet... etc. then I guess you're right.

    By communist standards, we are still failing.

  2. Why is it "the final destination of choice for immigration and..the envy...of every other rational country..?"

    Because, as I said in my post "America is a great place to live. There is a lot about this land that makes it great."

    America is great. We have freedoms in this country that most countries do not have. This country is amazing. It has so much potential.

    Our "team" is not failing because other teams have scored on us. Our "team" is beating themselves. We are failing from within.

    You are right though, there are many people who don't want to be employed. I blame those people too. But when we are talking about MILLIONS of people out of work, surely the percentage of the ones that don't want to work is dismal in comparison to those that do and can't find work.

    As far as national healthcare. Why do you say it hasn't worked anywhere on the planet? Show me examples. Canada's system has proven effective. And I am not advocating socialized medicine or government's complete takeover of the health industry. I am looking closer at the single payer method. I am researching it but I have not made up my mind completely about it. Health care is one of those issues that I am really trying to get a handle on.

    But if you ARE comparing us to communism, yes, we are failing. But even the so-called "communist" countries are failing when compared to communism. I'm not sure how much you know about "pure" communism, but the theory of communism is totally different and way better than the current and past practices of communism.

  3. At this point Red, we will just have to settle on the fact that you are bigger fan of capitalism than I am. I do respect that and your opinion. I just disagree with it...pure capitalism that is.

  4. Canada's system is horrible... people have to come to the US to get MRI's and numerous treatments that the waiting list in Canada just won't help them in time...

    I did a post a few weeks ago that lists over 150 recent stories from the UK, Canada, Cuba... every country that has socialized med and it is the same story everywhere... go down to the VA hospital or go down to the drivers license dept and take a number.... that is national healthcare steve.

  5. Here it is without the links...

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    * Loved to Death: America's Unresolved Health-Care Crisis
    As Canada's national government slashes spending on medical care in order to reduce the deficit, local provinces are reducing medical staff. In Ontario, pregnant women are being sent to Detroit because no obstetricians are available. Specialists of all kinds are in short supply. Patients have to wait eight weeks for an MRI, ten weeks for referral to a specialist, and four months for heart bypass surgery. - Michael J. Hurd, November 1997 [Liberty Haven]

    * Is Canadian Health care a Good Model for the U.S. to Follow?
    - Michael Walker, August 1994 [Liberty Haven]

    * Health of the State (commentary by a cancer survivor)
    I tell you this not to alarm you, to elicit sympathy, or to bore you. I tell you because the episode has been, for me, a salutary lesson (just in case I needed one) in why the government should not be allowed anywhere near a syringe, a dressing, a scalpel, an oxygen mask, a tissue sample — anything to do with health.

    * Michigan Shouldn't Copy Canada's Health System
    - Lawrence W. Reed, July 29, 1991 [Mackinac Center for Public Policy]

    * Russia's Health Care Is Crumbling: Dire Lack of Funds Creates Sick, Dwindling Populace And 'National Emergency'
    - Jeanne Whalen, February 13, 2004 [Wall Street Journal]

    * Capitalism Comes to Russian Health Care
    With the "free" government-run health system in Russia in a state of collapse, an increasing amount of health care is being provided by for-profit clinics and hospitals. - Michael Wines, December 22, 2000 [New York Times]

    * Russia's public health care system is crumbling
    - Rob Reynolds, November 13, 1995 [CNN]

    * Socialized Health-Care Nightmare
    In contrast to the impression created by the liberal American media, health-care institutions in Russia were at least fifty years behind the average U.S. level. - Yuri Maltsev and Louise Omdahl, November 1994 [Liberty Haven]


    The Cuban Government has implemented a two-tiered medical system (e.g. "medical apartheid") that caters to foreign tourists while denying native Cubans access to basic medical necessities (at least it is "free" to them). This attempt to draw foreign dollars is one of many programs that were necessary once the Soviet subsidies ended in the early nineties.

    * Castro's Diet and Exercise Plan
    - Ronald Bailey, September 25, 2007 [Reason]

    * Castro says still in full control after fall
    The Communist dictator received prompt medical care to repair his shattered kneecap. He even used his cell phone from the ambulance. If only his countrymen had similar access to service and "evil" capitalist technology... - Anthony Boadle, October 22, 2004 [Reuters]

    * La Lucha: The Human Cost of Economic Repression in Cuba
    - Patricia Linderman, May 2000 [FEE]

    * Bad Cuban Medicine
    Begging for medicines is common in Havana - next to begging for money to feed children, it is the most common plea... - Larry Solomon, April 15, 2003 [Capitalism Magazine]


    New Zealand's Ministry of Health is the New Zealand "Government's principal agent and advisor on health and disability."

    * On the waiting list roller-coaster
    - Martin Johnson, March 20, 2008 [The New Zealand Herald]

    * No charge for trips to emergency department
    The figures show most people who arrive at the emergency departments don't need to be there.- Alison Brown, December 17, 2004 [Rotorua Daily Post]

    * Surgical waiting lists numbers come under twin attacks
    - November 15, 2004 []

    * Hospital Waiting Lists Under Serious Pressure
    - October 26, 2004 [Scoop New Zealand News]

    * Hundreds on waiting list as hospital pleads for help
    - August 23, 2004 [The New Zealand Herald]

    * Private hospitals offer help with waiting lists
    - August 12, 2004 [The New Zealand Herald]

    * Alarm over GP shortage
    - July 5, 2004 [The New Zealand Herald]

    * Hospital urges patients to stay away unless really ill
    - March 6, 2004 [The New Zealand Herald]

    Australia's universal health care scheme is relatively new (introduced in 1983, which built on the 1974 Medibank program). As with all socialized health care systems, there is a mixture of public versus private care (approximately 30% of Australians also retain private health insurance). As a result, the private patients receive better care than their medicare counterparts.

    The salary caps and artificial increase in demand for care that always occur in a national health care system are resulting in predictable physician shortages.

    * Mental patients face bed shortage
    - Clara Pirani, July 4, 2005 []

    * Public patients wait longer for surgery
    - June 29, 2005 [The Sydney Morning Herald]

    * Painful wait for care
    - Luke McIlveen, February 17, 2005 [Herald Sun (Australia)]

    * Hospitals crippled by poor planning
    - Ruth Pollard, December 1, 2004 [Sydney Morning Herald]

    * Operating theatres shut to save cash as thousands wait for surgery
    - Nick O'Malley, November 23, 2004 [Sydney Morning Herald]

    * Private funds creating 'two-tier' health system
    - David Uren, November 3, 2004 [The Australian]

    All of the pervasive problems within the U.S. health care system are a direct result of statism. Unfortunately, most Americans buy into the feel-good soundbites and look to the socialist utopia to provide answers, not understanding that additional government intervention always worsens the problems.

    Not even the so-called experts who villify capitalism understand the difference between Statism/socialism and liberty (see Dr. Arnold S. Relman's For-Profit Health Care: Expensive, Inefficient and Inequitable, in which he refers to "HMOs that would be paid by the government" as "care under the private system").

    * "War on Fat"
    Creeping socialism gives government bureaucrats the power to pry into your eating habits for "the public good".

    * Deadly shortage
    The federal ban on profit incentive is killing those awaiting organ transplants.

    * Entitlement programs eating up U.S. budget
    - Stephen Ohlemacher, December 27, 2005 []

    * New York Medicaid Fraud May Reach Into Billions
    - Clifford J. Levy and Michael Luo, July 18, 2005 [The New York Times]

    * Bad Medicine
    The blame for the inadequacies caused by government’s intrusion into health care and other industries does not lie solely on the shoulders of politicians and bureaucrats; it also lies on the masses. - Emiliano Antunez, June 24, 2005 [Strike the Root]

    * Medical trade is rife with inefficiencies, health secretary says
    - Dave Murphy, May 25, 2005 [San Fransisco Chronicle]

    * Wanted: Scientific Reason for FDA's Gay Sperm Ban
    - Aubrey Noelle Stimola, May 23, 2005 [American Council on Science and Health]

    * Clinton, Gingrich Team Up on Health Care
    - Kevin Freking, May 12, 2005 [The Washington Post]

    * A Cancer Patient Faces the Chaos of the American Health-Care System
    - Rosalind Lacy MacLennan, April 27, 2005 [The Future of Freedom Foundation]

    * Why There's No Cure for the Common Cold
    - Bill Walker, April 21, 2005 [Strike the Root]

    * Feds get tough on Net drugs
    - Richard B. Schmitt, April 21, 2005 []

    * Kill the Prescription Drug Benefit
    - George Reisman, March 1, 2005 [Mises]

    * How Medical Boards Nationalized Health Care
    - Henry E. Jones, February 24, 2005 [Mises]

    * Drug Safety vs. the FDA
    - Alex Epstein, February 18, 2005 [Capitalism Magazine]

    * America’s Socialized Health Care
    - Lawrence Wilson, M.D., Posted January 24, 2005 [The Future of Freedom Foundation]

    * Bureaucratically Incompetent: Mental Illness and Government Intervention
    - Ira Katz, November 9, 2004 []

    * Health Care in John Kerry's World
    Health care and politics are a toxic combination for a life and death issue. - September 21, 2004 [Capitalism Magazine]

    * The Therapeutic Nanny State
    This new proposal threatens to force millions of kids to undergo psychiatric screening, whether their parents consent or not. - Rep. Ron Paul, MD, September 21, 2004 []

    * Republican Health Care Contradictions
    Government provided health care can increase only in inverse proportion to freedom. - Richard E. Ralston, August 30, 2004 [Capitalism Magazine]

    * Bush to screen population for mental illness
    - June 21, 2004 [WorldNetDaily]

    * 100 Years of Medical Robbery
    A happy 100th birthday to the Council on Medical Education...and for the sake of all our health, hopefully not too many more. - Dale Steinreich, June 11, 2004 [Mises]

    * Taxpayers foot bill for aliens' care
    - April 1, 2004 [WorldNetDaily]

    * Health Care in Prison
    - William L. Anderson, February 23, 2004 [Mises]

    * Feeding Obesity
    The state creates programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, which force one segment of the tax-paying population to pay for the health care of another segment, creating the incentive to avoid taking personal responsibility for one’s own life and to make others suffer the consequences. - Scott McPherson, February 13, 2004 [The Future of Freedom Foundation]

    * Ephedra ban sets bad precedent for consumer choice
    - Mark D. Valenti, January 9, 2004 [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

    * A New Prescription For Cutting Costs
    - Wayne Dunn, December 20, 2003 [Capitalism Magazine]

    * Republican Socialism
    Congress worked late into the night this past weekend to pass a Medicare prescription drug bill that represents the single largest expansion of the federal welfare state since the Great Society programs of the 1960s. - Rep. Ron Paul, MD, November 25, 2003 []

    * Why Medicare Expansion is Wrong
    Adding prescription drug coverage to Medicare, as Congress is poised to do, is merely more socialism --- it will neither help seniors nor is its passage likely to gain their votes. - Scott Holleran, November 22, 2003 [Capitalism Magazine]

    * Socialized Medicine in America
    Thanks to the untiring efforts of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Americans have been faced with the greatest expansion of the government into medical care since the 1960s. - Timothy D. Terrell, November 2003 [Mises]

    * Kill Bill - To Expand Medicare
    ...expanding Medicare is among the most ill conceived notions in American politics. - Scott Holleran, October 14, 2003 [Capitalism Magazine]

    * Paying Dearly for Free Prescription Drugs
    - Rep. Ron Paul, MD, October 7, 2003 []

    * A Poison Pill for U.S. Health Care?
    - Tom Miller, July 15, 2003 [CATO]

    * How Socialism Happens Here
    - Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., June 8, 2003 []

    * Health Care Interventionism: A Case Study
    The demise of HealthPlus illustrates the unintended consequences that accompany any government intervention of market forces. - Christopher Westley, January 21, 2003 [Mises]

    * New Senate Leader Must 'Do No Harm'
    There is nothing in Frist’s Senate record to show that he’s even considered free-market options or principles for rescuing America’s rapidly dying healthcare system. - S.M. Oliva, January 2, 2003 [Capitalism Magazine]

    * Red Flags Over Health Care
    - Bill Sardi, November 11, 2002 []

    * Government Regulation of Hospital Purchasing -- Michigan Patients Pay a Heavy Price
    - Dr. Wolfgang Grassl, October 29, 2002 [Mackinac Center for Public Policy]

    * "Universal" Health Insurance Will Only Enlarge the Medicare Problem
    - Nina Owcharenko, May 26, 2002 [Capitalism Magazine]

    * Morris Fishbein, AMA Enemy of American Health
    - Bob Wallace, February 2, 2002 []

    * Drugs and Politics
    - Thomas Sowell, November 27, 2001 [Capitalism Magazine]

    * Fun With Numbers
    "After reading Christopher Westley’s fine article, The Carriage-Trade Trend, I got to thinking about the imminent demise of the health-care industry in this country." - Robert Klassen, August 6, 2001 []

    * One Patient, 34 Days in the Hospital, $7,000 Syringes and a $5.2 Million Bill
    - posted by Antiwar Republican, August 2, 2001 [FreeRepublic]

    * Socialized Medicine in 10 Easy Steps
    HIPAA, MSAs, S-CHIP show how Republicans unwittingly lead the political parade toward increasing government control of health care. - Merrill Matthews Jr., Ph.D., June 30, 2001 [Capitalism Magazine]

    * Physician group pushes universal health care
    Says participation must be 'mandatory,' taxpayer-financed. - Jon Dougherty, February 9, 2001 [WorldNetDaily]

    * The Medicare Bureaucracy is a Frankenstein Monster That is Destroying American Medicine
    - Lawrence Huntoon, M.D., December 22, 2000 [Capitalism Magazine]

    * Subsidizing Sickness: Medicine and the State
    - Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., October 26, 2000 []

    * Emergency Medicaid Program For Immigrants
    - October 18, 2000 [NCPA]

    * Medicare should be scrapped, eventually
    Medicare was a bad mistake. We can repeat it -- over and over -- or we can scrap a program whose time never came. - Jon E. Dougherty, October 16, 2000 [WorldNetDaily]

    * Medicare snafu breaks podiatrist
    Agency's non-payment of claims forces closure of doctor's office. - Jon E. Dougherty, July 30, 2000 [WorldNetDaily]

    * The Patients' Bill Of Rights: A Prescription For Massive Federal Health Regulation
    - John S. Hoff, Esq., February 29, 2000 [Heritage Foundation]

    * The Medical Mess
    - William Anderson, January 18, 2000 [Mises]

    * The War on Online Drugs
    The Clinton administration wasn’t content with blowing up a pharmacy in the Sudan; now it wants to blow up hundreds of them on the web. - Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., December 30, 1999 [Mises]

    * Medicare in Red
    According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), red is the fashion color for the summer. Red tape, that is. - Alejandra Arguello Camerlengo, July 14, 1999 [CATO]

    * Why Price Controls on Prescription Drugs Would Harm Seniors
    - James Frogue, May 4, 1999 [Heritage Foundation]

    * Why the FDA Wants to Limit Your Freedom
    - Henry I. Miller, July 6, 1998 [Washington Times]

    * Kidcare: Socialized Medicine Through Government Schools
    More than thirty states have already implemented school-based health care programs. - Sue A. Blevins & SuYoung Min, January 20, 1998 [IHF]

    * Medical Regulation Piled on Medical Regulation
    - Sheldon Richman, November 1997 [The Future of Freedom Foundation]

    * The Creeping Takeover of Medical Care
    President Clinton favors barring health-insurance companies from using genetic testing to determine whom they will insure. - Sheldon Richman, July 1997 [The Future of Freedom Foundation]

    * The Back Door to Nationalized Health Care
    - Doug Bandow, June 2, 1997 [CATO]

    * FDA Actions Threaten Civil Liberties
    - Jerry Taylor, February 14, 1997 [CATO]

    * More Kid Stuff
    Advocates of politically controlled universal health care coverage have retooled their offensive game plan. Uninsured children will serve as blocking backs for an end run around opposition to regulatory mandates, one-size-fits-all benefit plans, bureaucratic rigidities, and taxpayer-financed cross subsidies. Welcome to the opening round of Village Care 1997. - Tom Miller, January 1, 1997 [CEI]

    * Blank Check for Mental Health
    A few years ago a young woman in Pittsburgh, who had trouble getting to work on time, found a psychiatrist who declared that she suffered from 'chronic lateness syndrome.' Now, if the U.S. Senate has its way, every insurance policy in America will be forced to pay for this woman and millions like her. - Michael Tanner, December 31, 1996 [CATO]

    * The Medical Monopoly: Protecting Consumers or Limiting Competition?
    Nonphysician providers of medical care are in high demand in the United States. But licensure laws and federal regulations limit their scope of practice and restrict access to their services. The result has almost inevitably been less choice and higher prices for consumers. - Sue A. Blevins, December 15, 1995 [CATO]

    * Are American Children Being Lured Into Socialized Medicine?
    - Naomi Lopez, June 28, 1994 [Institute for Health Freedom]

    * Medical Control, Medical Corruption
    - Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., June 1994 []

    * Free Medicine
    Rising prices pushed the cost of medical treatment beyond the range of more and more people. But, unfortunately, the original culprits — Medicare and Medicaid — were not identified as the cause. - William Dale, February 1994 [The Future of Freedom Foundation]

    * The Medical Socialism of V.I. Magaziner
    - Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., December 1993 []

    * National Health Insurance: A Medical Disaster
    - Jarret B. Wollstein, October 1992 [Liberty Haven]

    * Free ... But the Patient Doesn't Get Well
    - Lawrence W. Reed, April 1992 [The Future of Freedom Foundation]

    * Breaking Up the FDA's Medical Information Monopoly
    - Robert M. Goldberg [CATO]

  6. Ok but I am not talking about socialized medicine. I don't think that the cure for the health care problem in American is letting the government take it over.

    I don't think that the single payer system is socialized medicine. Again, I am still researching it and have yet to make a final decision for or against it.

    I have to admit my research has been slow because I have been doing research for other things as well. I teach a Sunday night class at my church and spend a lot of time preparing for that as well.

  7. It's cool man... look if it were simple it wouldn't be a problem would it...