Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blog Post of the Day

Dave wrote a post titled "Thoughts on Conservatism" that I thought was quite good and thought it deserved to be pointed out.

Another blogger has already posted a comment on it and I wanted to respond to his comments so I thought I would post them here as well as on the blog itself.
Red, I obviously read this completely different than how you read it. Which
actually does not surprise me.

What I see here is Dave saying conservatives are for freedom as long as it
does not inconvenience them or their ideology in some way. Conservatives are for
freedom but not necessarily freedom for everyone.

Conservatives want the government to stay out the people's business, unless
that business has something to do with who a person marries or, for example,
wanting to partake in a particular substance privately within the confines of
their own homes.

Conservatives want the government to allow the freedom to practice their
own religion but not allow others to practice theirs.

Conservatives want the freedom to be able to pollute the environment and
the freedom to raise prices on goods and services whenever and for whatever
reason that they want.

Conservatives want the freedom to keep health care costs soaring while
making certain that there are still millions on uninsured Americans who they can
blame those rising costs on.

Conservatives definitely want freedom. But only freedom for conservatives


  1. Do you and dave back each other up on every post or just the ones I disagree with one of you on?

  2. Depends on the issue Red. Dave and I actually disagree on a lot more than you think.

  3. Red, why wouldn’t a couple of fairly like-minded guys who have been friends for nearly 10 years not have each others back? And Steve is right, we disagree on many things, but one thing that we completely agree on is the fact that your tactics are often irritating. You’re a good guy Red, but you often act like a d-bag online. You are a classic Q1, that is for sure.