Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Concert Review: Third Day - May 7th

I have not done a concert review post in a long time so here is one of a show I recently attended.

The concert itself was held at one of the larger churches in the Seattle area called Overlake Christian Church. This church holds several events every year and can pack quite a large crowd. This concert is actually not the first one I have attended at this church.

Anyway, on to the show.

The first band of the night was an Australian band called Revive. In my opinion there was not anything really special about them. They were kind of a typical contemporary Christian act. Some of the visual effects in their show were kind of cool though. The only real highlight of their show musically was a song called "Chorus of the Saints."

The next artist to play was a guy named Brandon Heath, who is from Nashville. He is nice to listen to. A pretty mellow kind of guy that plays a sort of Christian folk rock sort of thing. It's good. He actually won quite a few awards recently at the Dove Awards (basically the Christian equivalent to the Grammys). So his set was really good. The highlight of his show I would have to say was the song "Gimme Your Eyes." This song itself actually won a few awards at Dove. This is a song that talks about seeing the world and humankind through God's eyes. Very powerful message.

Next was the headlining act, Third Day. So you know me, I don't normally listen to a whole lot of contemporary Christian music per se but something about this particular band I do enjoy. I had seen them a few years ago and honestly was not impressed one bit by their live show. So much in fact that I kind of stopped listening to them altogether for a while. Anyway, I found out they were coming again and decided to give them another chance.

I am really glad that I did. These guys really put on a good show. At one point during the show they all came down to the center of the audience with acoustic instruments and took requests from the crowd. They did that for about half an hour and then went back to the stage and finished out their set.

I would have to say that the highlight of their set were the songs "Rock Star" and "Revelation." The later of which closed the show.

They are coming back to the Seattle area again in September. It is likely that I will attend again.

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