Monday, May 18, 2009

Disbarment of Bush Lawyers?

According to Justin Blum from Bloomberg:
A dozen Bush administration lawyers should be disbarred for their roles in approving harsh interrogation techniques against terrorism suspects...
Okay, so we all know that I am not a big fan of certain interrogation methods but I honestly do not believe that we need to indict anybody in Bush's administration because of it. I don't agree with what was done. That much we know. However, I do honestly think that when it all comes down to it, he (Bush) thought he was doing the right right and there is no sense in bringing him or anyone in his administration up on charges because of it.

And I certainly don't think a bunch of lawyers need to lose their livelihood because they followed orders (and don't give me the lame-ass "Nazis followed orders too" speech. Bush wasn't the greatest President but he wasn't as bad as Hitler by any stretch of the imagination. I don't want to here any comparison between his lawyers and the Nazis).

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