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Minor Threat/Fugazi/etc.. DOTM


Minor Disturbance
Released in January 1981 by Dischord Records.
Recorded in 1980.
Produced by Skipp Groff.
Nathan Strejcek - vocals; Geordie Grindle - guitar; Ian MacKaye - bass; Jeff Nelson - drums
Tracks: 8

Teen Idles
Released in October 1996 by Dischord.
Recorded in 1980.
No change in lineup.
Tracks: 5


Minor Threat
Released in March 1984 by Dischord Records.
Recorded in April 1981.
Produced by Ian MacKaye and Minor Threat.
Band lineup:
Ian MacKaye - vocals; Lyle Preslar - guitar; Brian Baker - bass; Jeff Nelson - drums.
Tracks: 8
"Filler" "I Don't Wanna Hear It" "Seeing Red" "Straight Edge" "Small Man, Big Mouth" "Screaming at a Wall" "Bottled Violence" "Minor Threat"
Wow, now that I take a look at the tracks on this CD. There isn't a bad song among them all.

In My Eyes
Released in March 1984 by Dischord Records.
Recorded in 1981.
Produced by Ian MacKaye and Minor Threat.
No lineup change.
Tracks: 4
"In My Eyes" "Out of Step" "Guilty of Being White" "Steppin Stone"
Hmm...same with this one

Out of Step
Released in April 1983 by Dischord Records.
Recorded in January 1983 at Inner Ear Studios, Washington DC.
Produced by Minor Threat.
Lineup changes:
Brian Baker switched to 2nd guitar and Steve Hansgen took over bass duties.
Tracks: 9
"Betray" "It Follows" "Think Again" "Look Back and Laugh" "Sob Story" "No Reason" "Little Friend" "Out of Step" "Cashing In"
Hmmm...I know I have heard this album. I am sure that I have owned it at one point in time. But for the life of me I can't recall any of the songs off this CD other than the title track.

Salad Days
Released in 1985 by Dischord.
Recorded in 1983.
Produced by Minor Threat.
Lineup: Recorded during "original" lineup with Baker on bass.
Tracks: 3
"Stumped" "Good Guys Don't Wear White" "Salad Days"
Can't remember any songs from this one either other than "Good Guys..."

Complete Discography
Released in 1989 by Dischord.
Produced by Minor Threat.
Tracks: 26
Contains their 3 EPs, the Out of Step Album and tracks from the Flex Your Head compilation.


Released in 1987 by Dischord.
Recorded in 1985-1986.
Produced by Ian MacKaye.
Ian MacKaye - vocals; Mark Hampton - guitar; Chris Bald - bass; Ivor Hanson - drums.


Released in November 1988 by Dischord.
Recorded in June 1988 at Inner Ear.
Produced by Ted Nicely and Fugazi.
Ian MacKaye - vocals, guitar; Guy Picciotto - vocals; Joe Lally - bass; Brendan Canty - drums.
Tracks: 7
Highlights: "Waiting Room" "Give Me the Cure"

Margin Walker
Released in June 1989 by Dischord.
Recorded December 1988.
Produced by John Loder.
Lineup change: Guy Picciotto picked up a guitar for this album.
Tracks: 6
Highlights: "Provisional" and "Promises"

3 Songs
Released in January 1990 by Dischord.
Recorded July 1989.
Produced by Ted Nicely.
Lineup: Guy did not play guitar on this one.
Tracks: 3

Released in October 2001 by Dischord.
Recorded in 2001 @ Inner Ear.
Produced by Ian MacKaye, Don Zientara, and Fugazi.
Lineup: Guy played guitar.
Tracks: 3

Released in April 1990 by Dischord.
Recorded in 1989.
Produced by Fugazi.
Lineup: Guy played guitar on this one.
Tracks: 11
"Turnover" "Repeater" "Blueprint" "Sieve-Fisted Find"

Steady Diet of Nothing
Released in July 1991 by Dischord.
Recorded in January 1991.
Produced by Fugazi.
Same lineup.
Tracks: 11

In on the Kill Taker
Released in May 1993 by Dischord.
Recorded in December 1992.
Produced by Fugazi.
Same lineup.
Tracks: 12

Red Medicine
Released in June 1995 by Dischord.
Recorded in Janurary 1995.
Produced by Fugazi.
Same lineup.
Tracks: 13
If I remember correctly, this was the last Fugazi album that I ever purchased and probably the last one I have listened to any songs from.

End Hits
Released in April 1998 by Dischord.
Recorded 1997.
Produced by Fugazi.
Same lineup.
Tracks: 13

Instrument Soundtrack
Released in March 1999 by Dischord.
Recorded from 1988-1998.
Tracks: 18
Mostly consists of previously unreleased songs and studio outtakes.

The Argument
Released in October 2001 by Dischord.
Recorded in early 2001.
Produced by Fugazi.
Same lineup.
Tracks: 11

Fugazi Live Series
Released in April 2004 by Fugazi Live Series.
Recorded from 1987-2002.
Produced by Fugazi.
This is not one album. This is a collection of some 30 different albums recorded at different venues at different points in the band's career.

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  1. I think the only thing that you missed was the Rites of Spring stuff.

    I remember having the self titled minor threat tape. It included the minor Threat and In My Eyes 7 inches. The only proper album that they recorded was Out of Step. I think you'd know the songs from there if you heard them. i especially love "Cashing In" and "Think Again." Also the songs "Stumped" and "Salad Days" are freaking awesome.

    The Embrace album is also really good. In fact, I need to go and get a copy of that.

    "Sieve-Fisted Find" is one of my favorite Fugazi songs. I think the last Fugazi album that I got was The Argument and I really did not like it. End Hits and Red Medicine were both pretty good though.