Monday, May 04, 2009

Otisburg Update (May 4)

Scott and I have been diligently writing new material for the CD.

So far we have a pretty large amount of songs written and we are now pretty much in the process of rehearsing the songs and trying to pick out a list of the ones we actually want to record.

To help with that process, I have been recording some demos at home on my laptop. Not the best of recordings but they serve their purpose which is to get a feel for which ones we will end up liking the best.

So far, I have about 6 songs completed, including a cover song that we decided to do.

I will be doing some more demos as the week progresses and then at some point we should have a decent "working list" of what songs we will take with us into the recording studio. Speaking of which, we have not picked one out yet but there are two likely candidates.

No possible album titled to report right now.

I will be posting more updates as events progress of course.

Stay tuned!

-- Otter

For those not familiar with our previous work, you can listen to some of our songs here.

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