Monday, May 18, 2009

Ten Commandments Allowed on Oklahoma Capitol Grounds?!?

The most recent post over at McCarville Report reports that Governor Brad Henry just signed a law allowing the 10 Commandments to be placed near the Capitol Building.

I have to really give Gov Henry props on this one. In this day and age, standing up against the religion nay-sayers, this sort of thing takes some guts!

Way to go Brad!!!

This past Sunday, our congregation's preacher did a sermon on the Ten Commandments and spoke about how even though the Ten are a religious idea and a symbol of our country's Judeo-Christian values, they themselves had transcended religion and become more a symbol of morality and how people should live their lives in general. 

Thanks to Mike at the McCarville Report for supplying this post!


  1. Yup... Guv'nr Brad really stuck his neck out approving the 10 Commandments monument at the Capitol in Oklahoma... (sarcasm dripping).

    He must not wanna be "done politically" in the state... is he gonna run for the Senate or sumpin'?

  2. I hope he does. I'd vote for him.

  3. I'm going to have to stew a bit on my feelings on the rest of this story. I'm a bit conflicted to be honest. I'll get back with ya later (and will probably write something up for my blog too on the subject).

  4. I just posted something over on my blog on this topic.

  5. hmmm... I didn't see anything on the Ten Commandments and Guvnr Brad over there dave. Maybe I got there too fast.