Thursday, May 07, 2009

Top 19 Misfits Songs

Ok folks, this is the last one for the night. (By the way, if anyone has not noticed, these top song posts tonight have not been in order of preference. I think I did them all in alphabetical order by song.)

  1. Astro Zombies (from 1982s Walk Among Us)
  2. Bullet (from 1978s Static Age)
  3. Descending Angel (from 1999's Famous Monsters)
  4. Die Die My Darling (from the 1984 single)
  5. Dig Up Her Bones (from 1997's American Psycho)
  6. Don't Open Til Doomsday (from 1997's American Psycho)
  7. Ghouls Night Out (from 1986's Misfits compilation)
  8. Halloween (from 1985's Legacy of Brutality)
  9. Hybrid Moments (from 1978s Static Age)
  10. I Turned Into a Martian (from 1982s Walk Among Us)
  11. London Dungeon (from 1986's Misfits compilation)
  12. Mars Attacks (from 1997's American Psycho)
  13. Scream (from 1999's Famous Monsters)
  14. She (from 1978s Static Age)
  15. Skulls (from 1982s Walk Among Us)
  16. Some Kinda Hate (from 1978s Static Age)
  17. Teenagers From Mars (from 1978s Static Age)
  18. The Forbidden Zone (from 1999's Famous Monsters)
  19. This Island Earth (from 1997's American Psycho)

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad to see that you included "The Forbidden Zone" in this list. That is a great song.