Thursday, May 28, 2009

Top 7 Blogs

This is a list of my 7 favorite blogs...and this is in order of preference:
  1. Oklahoma Lefty
  2. Scott's Blog
  3. Jesica's Journey
  4. Red Stater
  5. Brad Neese At Large (this site no longer exists unfortunately - steve 8/24/2012)
  6. Christarchy (this one no longer exists either - steve 8/24/2012)
  7. Not Always Right
At some other point I think I might do a list of my least favorite blogs.


  1. Otter:
    Oh my gosh tell me it is not so! Tell me you are not oral challenged. Another thought is how Jesica in WV knew this?

  2. I'm his wife ... and I meant it as a euphemism ... not literally. Hmph!

  3. I'll be surprised if I don't make BOTH lists....

  4. And on top of that, Jesica is in WAshington, not WestVirginia.

  5. I have a question ...

    if it's your least favorite blog - why would you be reading it at all?

  6. Who said it was my least.
    I love the articulaton of Otter.
    WV is very close to WA at my age.

    Otter is a good read...but debate is good for all of us.

  7. no... steve said he was thinking about also doing a list of his least favorite blogs along with his most favorite blogs... and so I figured I'd probably make both lists.