Monday, May 04, 2009

Top 8 Cult Songs

This is a list of the top 8 songs recorded by The Cult. I purposely did not include any songs from the 'Southern Death Cult' or 'Death Cult' eras. I also did not include any songs from any studio albums released after 1994's The Cult because I have not listened to them hardly at all (I don't own any of them).

  1. Coming Down (from 1994's The Cult)
  2. Edie (from 1989's Sonic Temple)
  3. Fire Woman (from Sonic Temple)
  4. Lil Devil (from 1987's Electric)
  5. Love Removal Machine (from Electric)
  6. She Sells Sanctuary (from 1986's Love)
  7. Sweet Soul Sister (from Sonic Temple)
  8. Wild Hearted Son (from 1991's Ceremony)

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