Thursday, May 07, 2009

Top 8 Violent Femmes Songs

Here is another one of those useless favorite songs by artists lists I like to do. I have a few of these floating around in my head tonight. Not sure how many of them I will actually do.
  1. American Music (from 1991's Why Do Birds Sing?)
  2. Blister in the Sun (from 1982's Violent Femmes)
  3. Breaking Up (from 1994's New Times)
  4. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? (from Why Do Birds Sing?)
  5. Gone Daddy Gone (from Violent Femmes)
  6. Jesus Walking on the Water (from 1984's Hallowed Ground)
  7. Kiss Off (from Violent Femmes)
  8. Waiting For the Bus (from 1993's compilation Add It Up)


  1. I just love Blister in the Sun!

  2. My favorites are “I Held Her in My Arms” (which is the Video of the Day on my blog), “American Music,” “Prove My Love,” “Kiss Off,” “Please Don’t Go,” “Add It Up,” and “Blister in the Sun.”

    Did you know that the Femmes appeared on Sabrina? And they played "Please Don't Go."