Sunday, May 31, 2009

When Some Should Not Bother Commenting

It amazing the comments people leave on blogs sometimes.

Today at the NW Republican, the Coyote (one of its contributors) wrote a post entitled Did Barack Obama shut down businesses who did not support him?

The whole premise of the post is that Obama is using his newfound ownership of the auto industry to shut down auto dealers who contributed to Republicans and not to Democrats.

That is what the post was about.

Here are a couple of the more asinine comments that he got:

"So what. Bush didn't take a physical to get into the National Guard."

What? What in the hell does George Bush's military record have to do with Obama shutting down auto dealerships because they did not contribute to his cause? The comment was left by Anonymous by the way.

Here is another one:

"Why do you guys have to shoot churches up???"

WTH?!?!? This comment was left by........guess who? That's right Mr. Anonymous.

Why do people leave comments to post that have absolutely nothing to do with the posts subject matter? And why do people leave comments anonymously? That is one of the most irritating things about the blogosphere. What is wrong with these people. Do they not have the balls to back up their own words?


  1. Yeah... that Anony Mous guy comes by my place and drops insults and cursebombs... funny thing is, they usually turn out to be college professors or something.

  2. Yeah, they usually do post something insulting but don't have the courage to let us know who is attacking us.

    Personally, I would never post anonymously. If I have something to say, good or bad, I am not afraid to let someone know who I am.

  3. So why DO you hate women?

  4. Wait. What?

    I never said I did. I hope you are joking.

  5. lol... an example of one of those off the wall comments... you know, of course I was kidding man.

    I imagine most bloggers are like me and prefer people stay on topic for the most part.

    So.. what's for dinner?

  6. hmmm...not sure about tonight.

    we found a house for rent over the weekend that we liked and was within our budget so we are heading over to take care of the deposit tonight (and get some stuff moved over there).

  7. But when you stay on topic then the terrists win. (Just a riff on what Red said)
    Of course the post you cited, not specifically but the concept has been widely debunked.

  8. I HATE moving... we just did it as I think I mentioned on the other post.

    Best of luck to you steve... I know that was tough for you both.
    Did you find a nice place?

    Get your 'puter hooked back up soon man.

  9. Yeah. We found a nice place Red. Thanks for asking.

    As for the computer. That is getting packed up at the very last moment.

    Jesi is just as addicted as I am. LOL!!