Friday, June 12, 2009

Abandoning Social Change and Destroying the Christian Subculture

This post is actually a kind of conglomeration of several different posts I have done recently here on this blog so a lot of this is repetitive and for that I apologize but I am trying to make a point here.

I thought I would kind of "sum things up" to try and get the message across better by putting it all together, so to speak.

These writings were sparked by an article I read at The Ooze website entitled Another Law?

It was written by a preacher by the name of Keith Giles. He is the preacher of a "house church." He takes no salary and donates 100% of his church's offering to the poor. Very commendable. The idea behind stating this fact is not where does he get his money? The idea is that the offering of his church does not go toward upkeep of his congregation. The fact is, he has no building to upkeep. The important part to take away from this message is that he is taking money from the offering and putting it where it needs to go, toward caring for the poor like Jesus taught us to do.

Anyway, the part of the article that sat with me was this quote:

"Nothing underscores the failure of the American Church to overcome evil with good by commitment to the teachings of Jesus than this: We have abandoned social change by way of the Gospel and embraced social change by way of the courts, and politics, and law."

It seems to me that there are many Christians whose focus is more on politics than is is on the message of Jesus and how that focus on politics has clouded their vision as to what Jesus wanted us to do. For instance, as Mr. Giles is doing, which is caring for the poor and oppressed.

I am not saying (and I don't think Mr. Giles is saying) that Christians should not vote. Nor am I saying that they should not be a part of the political process. I just think that Jesus was not a politician and did not teach politics to his apostles. He taught love for God and love for mankind. These are concepts that I think, in the world of politics, have been severely lacking.

I do think that it is important to vote.

Christians in my opinion should vote. They should vote based on their own beliefs and what they believe to be morally and ethically right.

Christians should be aware of the current state of affairs in their environment. But I believe that it is unhealthy for a person's spiritual growth to become so involved in politics that it becomes like a 2nd religion to them. I myself am guilty of this all too often myself.

This seems to be the case in the Christian right and the Christian left as well. It seems like the leaders of these movements are so consumed with their political agenda that they have lost sight of their Christian agenda. In the majority of their cases that is.

In another article by Mr. Giles on his own website entitled Undercover Christian he talks about a non-Christian who went "undercover" at a well-known Christian university to try and gain a better understanding of the Christian perspective.

The point of the article was that many Christians today have gotten to a point where they can no longer relate to the rest of the human race and that is just sad. One of his quotes in the article is "[the Christian subculture] puts us on an island away from people who are commanded to love and serve."

One of Mr. Giles goals is to do away with this Christian subculture and get people out into the world to try and relate with the rest of humanity again. It seems to me that this should be one of the goals of the "missional" church. In fact, I am pretty sure that it is one of the goals of the "missional" church.

So what was my point with posting this here? I guess, as the title suggests, is that we as Christians should remain focused less on politics and more on the ideas of social justice and that we should try to break down the walls of this Christian subculture that some of us have gotten attached to and strive to "insert" yourself into society so that you can gain a greater understanding of where society is going and society can gain a greater understanding of where you are coming from. Be in the world and not of it so to speak.

Take what you want from this post. You can think what you want about Keith Giles. You can think what you want of me for that matter. You can call both of us whatever name in the book you have. I really don't care. I have spoken my peace on the matter.

I pray for you all as I hope that you will pray for me (those of you that do pray that is).

Peace. God Bless.


  1. Mr Giles visited my blog and we are discussing the matter. I certainly don't want to misrepresent or misinterpret his writings or beliefs and if I have taken his words or intentions out of context I will apologize.

  2. Yes. I saw the comments. He actually emailed me and told me that he stopped by your blog.

    I have been emailing him back and forth since yesterday.

    He has consenting to doing an interview with me. I am looking forward to that (once i figure out what questions i want to ask him - lol!)