Saturday, June 13, 2009

Anthrax Videos

I got the idea for doing a few Anthrax videos from Dave's post Top 12 of 1992 where he surprisingly (to me anyway) put an Anthrax album on the list.

Here is the video for the song "Only" from Sound of White Noise, their first album with vocalist John Bush. I considered this their best album.

And here is a video for the song "Always Room For One More" also from Sound of White Noise:

And here is a video from the Belladonna era. It's the song "Anti-Social" from the album State of Euphoria:

And another video from the Belladonna era. Strangely, this is the first song I ever heard from Anthrax and it is kind of what got me listening to them in the first place. Unfortunately, I could not get them to embed so you will have to follow the link. Sorry:

Anthrax - Indians

And lastly, a video of Anthrax and Public Enemy performing the latter's song "Bring the Noise." I actually saw these two bands live together once:

For any Anthrax fans out there, here is a link to my DOTM for Anthrax.

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