Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bands That I Hate

I’m not sure why or how but Scott’s recent post about Records He No Longer Listens To kind of gave me the idea for this post too.

This is a list of bands or artists that I absolutely can’t stand. No particular order; just as I thought of them.

1. No Doubt
Their music quite simply sucks. They have absolutely no talent and the fact that they are basically just around because of Gwen Stefani makes them even more ridiculous. And for the record, Stefani is not that great looking, besides the fact that she above all of the musicians of ND has no talent. She should leave the music business altogether and spare us all the horror of having to listen to her.
A key moment that really made me hate this band was on New Years Eve 1999 where they came out at the stroke of midnight and played REMs "It’s the End of the World As We Know It." What a terrible thing to do to such a great song!

2. N'Sync (and pretty much any boy band)
You know what type of bands really get to me? Bands that do not play their own instruments and bands/artists that do not write their own music. These boy bands combine both of those into one. I have no respect for anyone that calls themselves a musician and does not play an instrument or even write any music. The boy band crazy should have never happened. It makes me sick.

3. Led Zeppelin
Sorry to all the Zep fans but I really hate them. They are, in my opinion, one of the most over-rated rock bands of our time. They might have a little bit of talent, I will give them that. But quite frankly, I am not impressed with their songwriting and the songs that most define them I can't stand to listen to.

4. Jackyl
Ugh. Awful music. I remember a conversation I had a long time ago about what hell would be to you. It was a group discussion and the discussion turned to music. As in, what would you have to listen to music-wise if you were in hell? One guy said Michael Jackson. Another said Michael Bolton. I said Jackyl because if was a band that was popular at the time that I really hated. Terrible music.

And speaking of that conversation………

5. Michael Bolton
Terrible artist. I can’t believe he won so many awards and has sold so many albums. There are a lot of screwed up people in the world if he is a multi platinum artist. Awful. Just plain awful. I ears bleed at the sound of his voice.

6. Blind Melon
This band that rode in on the wave of the popularity of alternative rock is a band that thankfully did not last long. Unfortunately it was because their singer died. But sorry, dead or not, he was an awful singer and his band was full of terrible musicians and whoever wrote their songs I hope they don't anymore. This is one of the few bands that when I heard them play I quite honestly felt like kicking their teeth in.

That is all of this list for now. I might add to it later.


  1. LOL!!! Awesome post! Michael Bolton that cracks me up. The whole Michael Bolton thing in Office Space was GOLD!!

  2. I agree. I loved that movie and that dialogue about him was awesome.

    "Why should I change MY name. He's the one that sucks." LOL!!!


    "There WAS nothing wrong with the name Michael Bolton until that no talent ass clown starting making records." LOL!

  3. C'mon man... the band that created the opening for metal and punk and alternative rock... and you dog them?

    Jimmy Page is one of the top guitar players of all time... give me a break. Next your gonna tell me Pink Floyd was just okay....

  4. Saying Jimmy Page is one of the all time best guitarist is an opinion of which I do not hold. I am not impressed.

    Pink Floyd, on the other hand is a great band. Now there is a guitar player. David Gilmour. He has more heart in his little pink than Page has in his entire body.

  5. Naw... I would rate them about even. Both terrific. Maybe you oughta' give some Led Zep deep cuts another listen with a fresh ear.

    Page can lay down blues licks with the best... he's not my favorite by any stretch, but he made that les paul do things nobody else can do.

  6. Naw. I have tried to listen to them time and time again. I even started to like one of their songs. One that has not necessarily been played and played and overplayed. I only liked it for a few minutes and then realized..nope, don't really like this one either.

    But apparently, Led Zeppelin is the only band on this list you had a problem with me hating. Heh. 1 out of 4 ain't bad. LOL!

  7. Red said: “C'mon man... the band that created the opening for metal and punk and alternative rock... and you dog them?”

    I’m gonna nit pick here Red. The only influence Led Zeppelin had on punk was that they were one of the bands that punk bands were rebelling against.

    Unlike Steve, I think that Zeppelin was a crazy talented band, I just don’t like their music (with the exception of the song “Over the Hills and Far Away” which is an AMAZING tune).

  8. I don't disagree that the band might have been somewhat talented. I just don't think they are that great and personally think Page is over-rated as a guitar player.

    And I also disagree that Led Zep was an influence to punk...except a negative influence as you stated.