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Blues Traveler: DOTM

I had never really thought about doing a discography of these guys. In fact, I only own one of their albums and don't really listen to them much but I really should listen to more of their stuff. I got the idea of doing one of them because I have my iTunes on shuffle and it began playing the song "Hook" from the album Four

Current members of the band include:
John Popper - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Chan Kinchia - guitars
Tad Kinchia - bass
Brendan Hill - drums
Ben Wilson - keyboards

The only former member of the band is Bobby Sheehan, who was the founding bass player but unfortunately died in August 1999 of a drug overdose.

So here is the Discography:

Blues Traveler
Released in May 1990 by A&M.
Produced by Justin Niebank.
Tracks: 11
Guest performers:
Joan Osborne sings background vocals on several songs.

Travelers and Thieves
Released in September 1991 by A&M.
Produced by Jim Gaines and Blues Traveler.
Tracks: 12
"All in the Groove" "Sweet Pain" "Mountain Cey"
Guest performers:
Gregg Allman - background vocals on "Mountain Cry"

Save His Soul
Released in April 1993 by A&M.
Produced by Dave Swanson and Blues Traveler.
Tracks: 14
"Conquer Me" and "Defense and Desire"
Guest performers:
Paul Shaffer - keyboards

Released in September 1994 by A&M.
Produced by Michael Barbiero and Steve Thompson.
Tracks: 12
"Run Around" "Hook" and "The Mountains Win Again"
Guest performers:
Paul Shaffer - keyboards on "Stand"
Warren Hayes - steel guitar on "The Mountains Win Again"

Straight On till Morning
Released in July 1997 by A&M.
Produced by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero.
Tracks: 13
"Carolina Blues" "Most Precarioius" "Canadian Rose"
Guest performers:
Warren Hayes - steel guitar

Decisions of the Sky
Released in October 2000 as a free digital EP by Blues Traveler Publishing. This album was released online only.
Produced by Brendan Hill.
Tracks: 4

Released in May 2001 by Interscope.
Produced by Matt Wallace
Tracks: 12
Warren Hayes guests on steel guitar again.

Truth Be Told
Released in August 2003 by Sanctuary Records.
Produced by Don Gehman.
Tracks: 12

Released in September 2005 by Vanguard Records.
Produced by Jay Bennett.
Tracks: 14
"Amber Awaits"

Cover Yourself
Released in October 2007 by C3 Records.
Produced by Jim Eno.
Tracks: 11
This album consists of songs previously released by the band reworked with acoustic instruments.
Guest performers:
G. Love on "Just for Me" and Charlie Sexton on "Carolina Blues"

North Hollywood Shoutout
Released in August 2008 by Verve Records.
Produced by David Bianco.
Tracks: 10

Here are some resources if you want to find out more about this band:

Here is a live video of the band playing "Run Around" at the Horde Tour in August 1998:

And here is a link to the video for the song "Hook" (sorry couldn't get it embedded into this post):

"Hook" video

And another video that for some reason I could not find a way to get embedded. Still a good video and song though:

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