Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Brief Thoughts on the Book of Revelations

I mentioned in the comments on my previous post regarding Hell that I do not normally quote verses from the book of Revelations and so I thought I would post a few thoughts on what I think about this book.

Do I think this book is inspired?

I think that John the Apostle, wrote wrote this book while exiled on the island Patmos, was given visions directly from God via a dream and compiled those visions on paper that resulted in this book.

So yes, I think it is God inspired.

Do I think it belongs in the Holy Bible? I'm not sure about that one. Maybe not. I guess. I dunno.

The main problem that I find with this book is that it is comprised of visions and prophecies and that leaves it open to miles and miles of misinterpretation.

Nobody knows when Judgment Day is going to happen. Nobody but the Father. Jesus said that Himself.

There have been hundreds if not thousands of books written on the Book of Revelations with just as man different interpretations on what the authors of these books think it means. Personally, I think these people are wasting their time.

Personally, I do not involve myself in prophecy. I do not know when it will happen and I really don't care to spend my time looking at signs and try to determine if it will happen in my life time or not.

I just do what Jesus told us all to do.

Be ready.


  1. I'm kinda the same way on predicting the end and all... but I still want a good seat when the show starts.