Monday, June 29, 2009

CD Review: Revelation

I recently borrowed this Third Day CD from the library.

I saw them in concert recently. I even blogged out it. You can read that concert review here.

Anyway, watching them live made me what to hear their newer stuff so I borrowed this CD.

As you well know I am not really a super huge fan of this sort of music in general. The contemporary Christian rock thing. For one, most of the artists classified this way are kind of sub par in my opinion. Not the greatest music. Also, it seems like to me most of these bands/artists are preaching to the choir so to speak and not really reaching beyond a Christan audience. I guess there isn't anything really wrong with that. I assume their music is mostly for edification and that's okay I guess.

Anyway, this band for some reason stands apart from other contemporary Christian artists. Not sure why. They just do.

So anyway, on to the CD. I really like it. I think it the best album since 1999's Time. In fact, if I were to rate my favorite Third Day albums it would go something like this:
  1. Time
  2. Revelation
  3. Come Together
  4. Wire

In any case, it is a really good album. On a few of the songs the female leader singer of the band Flyleaf shares some vocals with Mac Powell and they really sound great together. They sure do more of this.

The song writing on it is really good on it. These guys are really progressing in their abilities and the fact that they have lost a guitar player does not diminish their music one bit.

The highlights on this album are the songs "Born Again" "This is Who I Am" "Run To You" "Revelation" and "Caught Up in Yourself"

I keep trying to think of some other (non-Christian) artists that they are similar to and for some reason I keep coming back to U2 and REM. The singer does not sound anything like Bono or Michael Stipe but something about the band in general brings these 2 bands to mind.

You may or may not be into this sort of thing but this album is definitely worth a listen to two.

I will post some videos of them later on today or tomorrow.


  1. U2 and REM huh? I'll have to check this out. I always thought of them as the Christian wannabe Pearl Jam but now I'm kind of intrigured.

  2. Hmmm....I kind almost kind of see that to but Third Day has a more...well for lack of a better term..a southern sound as opposed to a grunge sound.