Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Currently Reading: History of the Republican Party

TITLE: The History of the Republican Party
AUTHOR: Norma Jean Lutz
PUBLISHER: Chelsea House Publishers

I was skimming through the political section at the library last night and I spotted this one out of the corner of my eye.
I have only read the first chapter up to this point. It deals primarily with why the party formed in the first place.
Even so, it seems pretty interesting so far.


  1. Hey did you know she's from Tulsa area or lived there at one time.

  2. I did not know that. Interesting.

  3. When I saw you were reading that book I did a little background on the author to see what kind of slant it had on it... just lookin' out for ya'

  4. oh cool. thanks!

    i wouldn't want to read some book about the republicans written by a stooge for Obama or something like that. lol!

  5. I finished the book last night.

    I might have to read another or find some more information on the web pertaining to what the Party actually stands for now.

    According to that book, the GOP seems to have gone from the party to end slavery to the party of big business.

    What are your thoughts on free trade?

  6. "According to that book, the GOP seems to have gone from the party to end slavery to the party of big business."

    That sounds about right. Not that the Democrats are any better mind you...

  7. i agree. they have not gotten any better either.

  8. Republicans are the party for any size business... your own business.

    While Democrats (and Bush too) convinced us that owning a home that we couldn't afford was the "American Dream", I have always believed that the true American dream is owning your own business and being truly free in that regard... of course most business owners also own their homes.

    Republicans are the party for individual freedom and liberty and control over your own life. Republicans are not for zero government, just smaller less controlling less expensive government. Republicans are always for life for the innocent and sometimes for death for the guilty.

    The Republican party is the "yes you can" party and the Democrat party is the "no you can't, so we better do it for you" party.

  9. Unfortunately Red those are the generalizations that the GOP has been trying to sell us for years and not the reality of the situation. Neither party is what they claim to be.