Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Downsizing Jesus?

Here is an interesting article that I found at The Ooze.

It is called
Downsizing Jesus

Here are some excerpts that caught my attention in the article:
"Jesus says, 'Love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you.' (Matt 5:44).
Christians say 'Torture is ok and Jesus would approve of it."
"Jesus says, 'It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God' (Mark 10:25)'
Christians say 'God wants you to be rich and wealth is a sign of God's favor."
As you can probably tell, the article is basically about how some Christians (or people that claim to be Christian) do not necessarily follow the actual teachings of Jesus in the Bible

Some other interesting quotes from the article:

"If someone wanted to actually put the words of Jesus into practice...that person would quickly become an outcast in today's Christian community."
"...the early church...remained committed to Jesus and to His teaching of servant hood, love for other, radical compassion for the poor and non-violence......for over 300 years they continued to hold fast to the example of Jesus who forgave his executioners and prayed for his torturers and went like a lamb to the slaughter......"

Are here are some comparisons between the early church and today's (in general)...
"The Christians in Acts shared all things.......We will not let go of our tax exemption status...."

"The Christians in Acts sold their possessions and gave it to the poor......We will not sell our property...We will not give our offering to the poor..."

"Their hope was in Jesus alone. Their trust was in the truth of His teachings.....Our hope is in ourselves. Our trust is in American Democracy and the power of our vote."

But that is enough of cutting and pasting quotes from it. Read the article for yourself.

It was written by Keith Giles who is a preacher. A preacher by the way who does not take a salary. His church gives 100% of its offering to the poor in the community.


  1. What?!? Does FGO have an alias?!?

  2. He doesn't take a salary... right.

    Does he live in a home provided by the church as most pastors do?

    Does he put his groceries on a church credit card?

    Are you/they suggesting that pastors should not earn a living and provide for their families?

    Also, his quote about torture is based on the false premise that we agree that waterboarding is torture.
    Most Christians are certainly against torture... but don't define punk-rock music or getting scared as torture, just an uncomfortable inconvenience.

    I don't think Jesus has a problem with "uncomfortable inconvenience".

  3. Actually Red, I know a number of preachers that don't work for salary. Most of the ones I know have full-time jobs as well as doing the preacher gig.

    As for this particular preacher, I do not know if he lives in a home provided by the church or how he buys his groceries. I don't know him personally.

    However, I am not suggesting that a preacher should not be paid for their services. I do know some people that think preachers should not be paid and should not be a full-time job. I am not one of those people though.

    "punk rock uncomfortable inconvenience.."

    HEY!!!!! I resemble that remark!

  4. lol... that's funny, you shoulda' called the band "Torture". lol

    HEy, I'll bet you a pepsi and a peanut that pastor gets compensated with free rent and groceries, car, phone... which I have no problem with... as long as it's disclosed while claiming not to take a salary.

  5. I did some reading up on Mr. Giles and it appears that he is the pastor of a "home" church. He goes around Orange County "planting" churches.

  6. I'm not saying he's a bad guy... I haven't looked into him, but I know he doesn't pay the bills with air and dirt.

    "Giving 100% of donations to the poor"... hmmm what does that mean exactly?

    Handing it out on street corners or giving it to members of the church who are poor and in need... if Pastor Giles doesn't take any money in salary etc... then he would qualify as "poor". Yes?

    Somebody is putting the gas in his car/SUV/Bus... to go around and plant new churches in his image....

    okay, you've got my curiosity going now... brb

  7. From one of his dozens of websites.... this one is on his poetry.

    "Keith Giles is one of the world's greatest enigmas. Ruggedly handsome, and yet surprisingly gentle and compassionate with small animals, Keith actually has a very weak grasp of reality and often talks to himself in the bathroom mirror.

    For the last twelve years Keith has been an active freelance writer, poet, reviewer, interviewer and thinker. He's been published in Syndicate Magazine, 7 Ball, Release, The Phantom Tollbooth, Fuse Magazine, Notebored, and many other publications.

    Currently, Keith is working on self-publishing his third book of poetry entitled "Wintermoon and Coffeestain" that will feature 28 of his poems as well as his pastel and water-color paintings. He is also writing his first hard science fiction novel to be published in the next year. Keith lives in Tustin, California with his beautiful wife Wendy and their two sons Dylan Lee and David Michael."

  8. Hey Steve... maybe we should think about going into the book writing biz...

  9. This has turned into a huge rabbit trail.

    What does whether or not the guy takes a salary have to do with the message of his article anyway? LOL!

  10. Late to the party here, but I work a day job to provide for my family. I take no money at all from the church. 100 percent of the offerings go to buy groceries for the poor and help people in need around us.