Friday, June 26, 2009


For those of you that don't actually know this. The President of the United States is not elected by you. When you step into the polling booth, and cast your vote, you are not voting for your choice for President. You are actually voting to elect someone called an elector, who actually does the real voting for the President. This person that you voted for, can vote for any candidate that he or she wants, they do not have to vote for the person whom you THINK you are voting for.

This is known as the Electoral College system.

I think this system of selecting the President needs to be done away with. In my opinion, the office of the President should be decided by a direct popular vote, just like our Senators and Representatives are.

With the current system of voting, a person's individual vote is irrelevant.

If you are a person, for example, living in Washington state, it does not matter who you are voting for because almost all of the electors in the state are going to vote for the candidate for the Democratic party. All of the votes will go toward that candidate, even if the guy is a complete tool (as in the case of our last Presidential election).

Likewise in the state of Oklahoma, all of the electoral votes are going to go toward the Republican candidate, no matter who YOU choose to support.

This is where we get the idea of red states and blue states. It is a ridiculous tradition and needs to stop.

With this system in place, the two party system will continue to thrive and there is no chance for 3rd party candidates.

The system just needs to go away. Our electoral system should be based on the idea of one man one vote.


  1. I'm really with you on this one. There's no reason why we can't just have a direct national popular vote, ignoring state lines. It should just be whoever gets the largest percentage of the total vote.

  2. I know that I’m late on this, but I still wanted to add in my two cents.

    I’m really torn on this issue. On the one hand I think that we should go to having the President elected via popular vote, but on the other hand I completely agree with the Founding Fathers’ trepidation where it comes to popular votes. There is something to be said for being wary of the “popular” vote. It has the potential to turn into mob rule. But on the other hand, as Steve stated, my vote for President is completely and totally meaningless.

  3. Well Dave here is how you can look at it.

    Congress is voted in by the popular vote and in most cases they have more...well, not necessarily more power but for lack of a better term, yeah, more power. Mostly because they are around a lot longer and have more of an effect on policy in most cases.