Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Emery: DOTM

This is an update to the previous post of the same name. I figured instead of just updating the one I had already posted back in March 2008, I would re-post it with the new information instead.

The Columbus EEP Thee
Released independently in October 2002.
Tracks: 7
"It Always Depends" "To Whom It May Concern" "The Walls" "Shift" "When Broken Hearts Prevail" "The Weak's End" "The Secret"

The Weaks End
Released in January 2004 by Tooth and Nail.
Produced by Ed Rose.
Tracks: 10
"Walls" "The Ponytail Parade" "Disguising Mistakes with Goodbyes" "By All Accounts" "Fractions" "The Note from Which a Chord is Built" "Bloodless" "Under Serious Attack" "As Your Voice Fades" "The Secret"

The Question (Pre-Sale Exclusive)
Limited run ep released in August 2005 by Tooth & Nails.
Tracks: 5
"Ponytail Parade (acoustic)" "Left With Alibis and Lying Eyes (acoustic)" "As Your Voice Fades (acoustic)" "Listening to Freddie Mercury (acoustic)" "Anne Marie"

The Question
Released in August 2005 by Tooth & Nail.
Produced by Brandon Ebel.
Tracks: 12 (*7 more on the Deluxe Edition)
"So Cold I Could See My Breath" "Playing With Fire" "Returning the Smile You Have Had From the Start" "Studying Politics" "Left With Alibis and Lying Eyes" "Listening to Freddie Mercury" "The Weakest" "Miss Behavin" "In Between 4th and 2nd Street" "The Terrible Secret" "In a Lose, Lose Situation" "In a Win, Win Situation"
*"Playing With Fire (acoustic)" "The Ponytail Parades (acoustic)" "Wall (acoustic)" "Fractions (acoustic)" "Studying Politics (acoustic)" "Death to Inconvenience (demo)" "Thoughtlife (demo)"

I'm Only A Man
Released in October 2007 by Tooth and Nail.
Produced by Ryan Boesch.
Tracks: 11 (*5 more on the deluxe edition)
"Rock N Rule" "The Party Song" "World Away" "After the Devil Beats His Wife" "Can't Stop the Killer" "Story About a Man with a Bad Heart" "Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus" "What Makes a Man a Man" "The Movie Song" "You Think You're Nickel Slick" "From Crib to Coffin"
*"Don't Bore Us Get to the Chorus (acoustic/live)" "Listening to Freddie Mercury (acoustic/live)" "The Ponytail Parades (acoustic/live)" "As Your Voice Fades (acoustic/live)" "What Makes a Man a Man (acoustic/live)"

While Broken Hearts Prevail
Released in October 2008 by Tooth and Nail.
Produced by Matt Carter.
Tracks: 7
"The Smile, The Face" "Edge of the World" "Say The Things You Want" "Ten Talents" "It Always Depends" "Thoughtlife" "Do the Things You Want"

In Shallow Seas We Sail
Released in June 2009 by Tooth and Nail.
Produced by Aaron Sprinkle and Matt Carter.
Tracks: 13
"Cutthroat Collapse" "Curbside Goodbye" "Inside Our Skin" "Churches and Serial Killers" "Butchers Mouth" "In shallow Seas We Sail" "The Poor and the Prevalent" "The Smile, The Face" "A Sin to Hold on To" "Piggy Bank Lies" "Edge of the World" "Dear Death Part 1" "Dear Death Part 2"

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