Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Essential Emery

This one I am doing a little differently than I have done in the past. On this one I will pick two songs from each of their releases for this list.
  1. It Always Depends (from The Columbus EEP Thee)*
  2. Walls (The Weak's End)
  3. Ponytail Parades (The Weak's End)
  4. Studying Politics (The Question)
  5. Listening to Freddie Mercury (The Question)
  6. Can't Stop the Killer (I'm Only a Man)
  7. World Away (I'm Only a Man)
  8. The Smile, The Face (While Broken Hearts Prevail)
  9. Edge of the World (While Broken Hearts Prevail)
  10. Butchers Mouth (In Shallow Seas We Sail)
  11. Dear Death Part 1 (In Shallow Seas We Sail)
  12. Holding Out For a Hero (Punk Goes 80s)**

* I have only heard one song from this one, their debut EP and apparently it is a hard CD to track down.
**This was a compilation album and Emery only appeared on it once.

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