Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eyes on Cantwell

As I was skimming through the Washington blogosphere, I came across a post by the NW Progressive about how Senator Cantwell made an announcement about her position toward a public plan in the health care reform debate. Apparently, it is not certain whether or not she does.

There was a discussion panel at the University of Washington Medical Center where Senator Cantwell spoke amongst representatives from a couple of local insurance companies, a representative from the local state chapter of the AARP, a representative of the Community Health Network of Washington, among others, including a state senator and the state's governor, Chris Gregoire.

At the panel, Senator Cantwell said "Yes I support a public plan."

Of course, from reading the post it is made plainly obvious that the author of the post supports universal coverage, which includes the public plan option.

It appears that what the Senator means by a public plan might be up for interpretation.

In any case, I will definitely be watching her over the next few weeks to see whose side she is going to take in this process.

Personally, my money goes toward her voting in favor of a public plan, in which, I will of course be forced to vote against her in her next election, which unfortunately is not until 2012.

Hey Maria! Are you paying attention? I've got my eyes on you!

I doubt it since she didn't even bother to send me a canned response to my email.

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