Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Get Elected to Congress, Get Free Trips to Paradise!

Props to the NW Republican for pointing this one out.

According to the Detroit News, the House Ethics Committee is investigating some of its members in regards to an all-expenses-paid trips to the Caribbean. They are investigating whether or not this violates House ethics rules due to the fact that corporate sponsors helped pay for it.

Wait? They have to think about whether or not this is a violation of ethics rules or not? They have to THINK about it? Apparently, I need to see these ethics rules because something like this seems pretty darn black and white to me.

To me this just flat out screams corporate kickbacks.

Mrs. Lofgren (chair of the Ethics committee, Democrat from California) needs to stop for a minute a purchase a clue. This better be one darn short investigation in my opinion.

Chances are however that it will be one long drawn out investigation that results in nothing because the members that are being investigated are from her same party.

This is EXACTLY the problem with our party system and with our government today. Our elected officials are not out there working for us. They are out there to pad their pocketbooks, cover their own asses, and keep their own party members out of trouble.

It is sickening and it disgusts me.

Hey check it out guys! I wrote a political post that ISN'T about health care reform! You impressed?

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