Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Have the Solution!

I have it!

I have the solution to fixing the health care system in America. And unlike the politicians up on the Hill showing off their legislation, I have figured out a way to pay for it.

This will fix all of the things inherently wrong with the health care system in our country. The rising costs of health care and the number of uninsured people.

First, to reduce the number of people in our country that have no insurance, we expand eligibility to Medicaid to cover everyone that is considered below the poverty level and ensure that we enroll all that are eligible.

With this in place, there will be no need for a new government-run plan. Medicaid is already in place. The increase in administrative overhead would be minimal.

Also, we establish regulations for private insurers to assure access for everyone regardless of their health care situation.

Again, eliminates the need for another bureaucracy. The private insurers are already in place. No cost to the taxpayers. Taxpayers win and the private insurers win because they get more money in premiums.

Having more people insured also will help with the rising costs of health care. One of the reasons health care costs are skyrocketing is because hospitals tend to charge more in order to make up for having to take huge write offs when treating the uninsured.

Another way we can keep the rising costs of health care under control is to concentrate on one of the key factors in the rising costs. Medicare.

Currently, Medicare’s negotiated rates for providers is ridiculously low. Because of this, providers and hospitals tend to charge more to make up for the fact that they are losing money on Medicare patients.

Simple, we need to reform Medicare to pay better negotiated rates to providers.

Again, the system is already in place so no need for another government agency to replace it. Costs will be minimal and it will be fair for providers, fair for patients, and will help to reduce the rising costs of health care.

So by doing these 3 things: Expand Medicaid, Reform Medicare and Regulate Private Insurers, we can keep the government (for the most part) out of the health care decision making business. There will be no need for a government-run public plan option that will do nothing but ultimately lead to tax increases that nobody will be able to control. Also, there will be no public plan option that fosters unfair competition that will eventually run private insurers out of business. This will of course lead to a single payer system where the government will make all of our health choices for us.

So, there will need to be revenue generated to pay for all these changes of course. Here is how I propose that we pay for all of this.

I propose that the government institute a 0.1-0.5% (I am actually just throwing out numbers here, it might not even have to be that high) tax on any profits generated by Native America gambling casinos operating in the United States.

These places of business have thus far led tax-free lives because they are associated with Native American tribes. I personally think that these businesses run in the United States. They are generating revenues by United States citizens that frequent their places of business. Their people benefit from the freedoms and the services that the United States provides to them. I think it is time they should start paying their fair share.

And that is how I propose we pay for it. The cost to the average taxpayer is next to nothing and it will fix the problems we have with the current health care system.

What do you think?


  1. You've got my vote!

  2. Now why are you hating on the Native Americans... they were slaughtered like buffalo and thrown on the garbage heap of life, given the worst medical and healthcare provisions by the government and now you want them to pay for healthcare for everyone else.


    And if I understand your program which is very creative I must say... you would have those that can't afford it or don't work for an employer that provides it to get free medical insurance coverage... and everyone else pays for theirs.

    One problem is that the insurance companies are part of the problem... in fact they are the problem. Giving free insurance might amount to just that same value when implemented... worthless.

    If we required companies to provide medical insurance by law and allowed those companies to buy across state lines and at group capacity rates and provided tax breaks for those companies to provide said insurance... then only 9% of the country would be uninsured... perhaps the government in it's wisdom could provide "unemployment health insurance" coverage along with other unemployment benefits for the 9% that are unemployed.

    Your idea has merit and certainly beats anything those dimwits in Washington (DC) have come up with.

  3. Red, I'm not hating on native Americans. I just think they should have to pay in their fair share too. They are reaping the benefits of living in this country. They would not be getting taxed unfairly.

    "you would have those that can't afford it or don't work for an employer that provides it to get free medical insurance coverage... and everyone else pays for theirs."

    Not necessarily. From what I understand in some cases in Medicaid, the person is required to still pay a "premium" for their health coverage. However, I did fail to mention an important about about my health care reform bill. That is expanding the employer-based system by allowing for smaller companies to join together to purchase and provide health coverage for their employees. This would further reduce the number of those that are uninsured and reduce the number of people that would need the expanded Medicaid program.

    "One problem is that the insurance companies are part of the problem... in fact they are the problem."

    I would have to disagree with you on that. Not all health insurance companies are bad. In fact, I know quite a few that are essentially non-profit organizations.

    I do however agree with your theory on provided tax breaks to companies that provide insurance for their employees. I totally support that.

    "Your idea has merit and certainly beats anything those dimwits in Washington (DC) have come up with."

    Thanks. It is a start anyway. Not that anybody in Washington (DC) is going to listen to someone like me though.

  4. Just 'cause you are a a fuzzy little water creature or 'cause you play in a punk rock n roll band?

    BTW- Do the people in DC know there is a real Washington?

    And... what does Columbia have to do with our nations capitol and why do they need their own district anyway?

  5. Probably because nobody really takes me seriously, least of all the politicians in DC...or here in the state of Washington for that matter. I am probably looked upon by most politicians that I talk to as a nuisance.