Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is zTruth offended? Is anyone else?

I think I might have offended zTruth with my presence on BNN Oklahoma.

She recently posted the article Seattle-based Otter Limits ranked #1 Political Blog in Oklahoma!

It is a fact. I live in Washington. I do contribute to the Washington BNN as well as the Oklahoma BNN.

But, I went to high school in Oklahoma. I went to college in Oklahoma. I have several friends in Oklahoma. In short, I have strong ties to the state.

Fairly often, I do write posts about the going ons in political Oklahoma.

That is the main reason that I contribute to the Oklahoma BNN.

But I never claimed that my blog is 100% politics. It just so happens that a large majority of my blog is politically related.

However, as I told zTruth in the comments on her post, if she (or anyone else on BNN OK) is offended by my presence there, and feels that I am taking away from blogs that are more deserving of being rated higher, let me know and I will will request to the editors that they remove me from the rolls of BNN OK.

Keep in mind that I don't have anything to do with the way the various blogs are rated. It's not like I petition BNN to make me #1 or anything like that. It just happens. I am just as surprised than some of you maybe when I get ranked so high.

So shoot me a comment here and let me know or shoot me an email (the addy is If you don't think I should be on BNN OK, I will leave.


  1. Yes I am offended that you beat me.... again. lol

    The BNN rankings seem to rely a lot on how many visits a site gets and comments it gets from other BNN members... as well as the 1-10 pull-down box ratings for each blog.

    As you recall I wondered if being listed in 2 states helped or hurt a couple of weeks ago when you were #1... but hey you didn't do anything wrong that I can see.

  2. I'm not really concered over whether or not I have done anything wrong. I know that I have not done anything wrong.

    I don't think listing in 2 different states really has much to do with what your ranking ends up being. At least I don't think so in my case. Nobody from Washington ever comments on my blog for one so the comments from them does not affect my status on the Oklahoma blog. The amount of times that I get visited by Washington bloggers does not count toward my stats on BNN OK and vice versa.

    Mostly what I am concerned with in this case is whether or not the bloggers that LIVE in Oklahoma are honestly irritated with the fact that I am that high in the ranking so consistently even though I don't live there. Then again, now that I think about it, if they were that irritated about it they would not be visiting my blog so much.

    In any case, I am being serious. If someone writes me and tells me that they don't think I should be on the Oklahoma BNN, I will submit my walking papers.

  3. Well in that case please excuse me for defending you then I guess.

    In the mean time tell me how you offend someone without doing what they would perceive as "wrong'.

    Good grief.

  4. No, that's fine Red. I do appreciate you defending me. Sorry about that.

    However. I am not sure how I offended zTruth. She seems pretty offended by me having read that post of hers though.

    I am just kind of curious if she is the only one that feels that way or if there are others who are equally irritated by an "outsider" getting high rankings all the time.

  5. Either way... you're number one and you should not feel one bit responsible for how BNN calculates their rankings in my opinion.

    It doesn't matter. Because your listed in more than one state only means you have to take crap from morons like me in at least two states... 3 in fact that I know of since I'm in Denver.

    You earned it... unless you lay into me again and then I'm gonna side with the rest of 'em that wanna string you up.

  6. it turns out though that i don't take crap from anyone here in WA because nobody in Washington EVER comments on my blog. nobody that is listed on BNN in Washington that is.

    it seems to me like WA bloggers don't know how to get down and dirty as much as the peeps in Oklahoma.

  7. "it seems to me (Otter) like WA bloggers don't know how to get down and dirty"

    Now there's a locker-room wall throw down challenge if I ever heard one... did ya' hear that Washington?
    lol just kiddin' ya man.

  8. That is okay. They can all take that as a direct challenge if they so choose.

    I wish they would actually. LOL!

  9. Just do a post on whether Ron Paul is a racist or not... that will bring the ronbots out of the woodwork I guarantee ya'. They will swarm you.

  10. Is that anything like the Obaminator?

  11. There was another Oklahoma blog name Sinister who moved to Oregon. He delisted his blog with Oklahoma and relisted it with Oregon.

    If we can list with other states, on BNN (I'm checking) be on the lookout for me on BNN Colorado (grew up there - went to high school, Washington, California, New York, and Texas where I have very close relatives and ties.

    Happy blogging.

  12. Run that post I mentioned up the flagpole and you'll find out all about the ronbots... and not just the ones in Washington either.

    I'm in Colorado now... but I haven't tried to register the blog there on BNN yet.

    What did you do otter, just email them at BNN?

  13. Yeah, that is all I did Red. In fact, I was on the Oklahoma BNN before I was on the Washington BNN, and I lived in Washington at the time.

  14. WHAT?... why that's an outrage... oh wait, I live in Colorado. Never mind.

  15. zTruth – Why does this seem to bother you so much? You are going to take the time to dig through the BNN terms of service (or whatever they have for rules) to try to either get The Otter Limits kicked off of OK BNN or so you can jump on some other states? Why? Are you that bothered that his blog got ranked higher than yours?

    In your post you also went on a little tirade about the non-political nature of The Otter Limits. This is something I love about this blog. There are only so many times that one can read about Muslim terrorists, baby killing liberals, and women hating conservatives before it becomes completely mind numbing. I prefer blogs that cover a variety of subjects to those that stick to just politics. Lately I’ve barely done any posts about politics yet my blog is ranked # 3 on BNN. Does that bother you?

    I remember the last time you and I got into it (which was my fault for misinterpreting things), you had made a statement about my credibility as a blogger. I found that statement to be pretty funny and absurd (and honestly I still do…no offense). We are a bunch of people just basically shooting the breeze online. We’re not journalists. We’re not reporters. Yes in some cases there are bloggers who do a much better job at journalism and news reporting than the “professional” journalists, but what do you think we’re all doing here z? Do you think that we’re doing anything groundbreaking that hasn’t been done before? If you do, then you are mistaken. I like your blog and think you do a good job, but I also think you take this blogging thing WAY too seriously.