Tuesday, June 16, 2009

McCarville Supports Calvey for Congress

In his recent post Iraq Veterans Endorse Calvey for Congress, Mike tells about the announcement of Republican Kevin Calvey to run for the soon to be vacated Oklahoma Congressional seat now held by Mary Fallin.

Here is the part of the post that stuck out to me:

"He joined the Army National Guard AFTER the start of the Iraq War...when he was already a successful businessman and elected official."

According to his campaign website, he served as the State Representative for District 94 (Del City) from 1998 to 2006.

So...up to this point, I have read nothing about where he stands on the issues. However, just based on the quote I posted, I already like the guy.

Everyone know that I am not a big fan of the war but the fact that this guy was already an elected official and decided to do something for his country is very admirable. He certainly seems like the type of politician (in my opinion) that has some honorable fiber in him.

So....I went on to read his stance on some of the issues on his website.

I started at his stance on Health Care. He says that:
"...a one size fits all government takeover of your health care is not the answer. ......Instead of a bureaucratic takeover of health care, we need a balanced, common sense approach that provides assistance to those who truly need it and keeps health care patient-centered rather than government-centered for everyone. By using market-based reforms to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse of health care resources, we can bring health care costs down to a manageable level."

Okay, I still like him. I agree with everything he says here.

Okay, on to the Abortion Issue. He is a former member of the Right to Life Committee and while serving in the state legislature authored numerous pro-life bills. He opposes making it legal to let a minor get an abortion without the parent's knowledge and opposes the idea to punish doctors who refuse to give abortions.

Still like him.

Okay, now on to something that I will probably not agree with him with because he is a Republican. Gun Control.

He is the 2006 Oklahoma Rifle Association Legislator of the Year. Here is a quote from Kevin directly on this issue:

"Every adult law-abiding American citizen has the right to keep and bear arms. Research consistently shows that law-abiding gun ownership reduces crime........"

So here is where Kevin and I disagree. At least as far as I can tell. I am not opposed to gun ownership by law-abiding citizens. While at the same time I am in favor of gun control legislation such as waiting periods and background checks at gun shows and that sort of thing. So I am not exactly the polar opposite of Mr. Calvey.

Finally, I decided to look at his stance on Energy. He supports investing in other practical forms of energy such as natural gas, nuclear, wind, etc... He also supports drilling in ANWR which are currently off limits. One of his goals is to make Oklahoma a leader in energy production due to its surplus of natural gas and wind power to further reduce our dependence on foreign terrorist oil.

Amen Kevin.

In short, I too support Kevin Calvey for Congress even though I don't get to vote for him.


  1. Very interesting my friend... I hear that harp music in the background that Sean Hannity plays when someone get's "Hannitized".

    You never cease to amaze me.
    I gotta say, that I will always have great admiration for you going out to that prayer vigil/abortion protest... I havta' believe God remembers stuff like that. :)

  2. don't get too excited there Red. i am not a big fan of Hannity. i think the guy is a complete jerk most of the time and quite honestly give conservatives a bad image.

  3. I can’t stand Hannity either. He really does make conservatives look bad. Speaking of Hannity…what happened to Colmes?

    This guy Calvey sounds not that bad to me. That little blurb on health care is promising. We’ll just have to see what happens.

    I was thinking about doing a post on the 2010 race for Governor but haven’t gotten around to it. I do think that it is pretty safe to say that Mary Fallin will probably be the next Governor of Oklahoma though.

  4. I was really just talking about the HARP noise... not Hannity.

  5. Oh ok! sorry i misunderstood your statement. it sounded to me like you thought I was jumping on the hannity bandwagon or something. lol!

  6. Naw... I've watched you come pretty far but NOT that far.

    But it sounds like you're ready to put the adults back in charge non the less.

  7. lol! the adults!