Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Murder on the Left. Murder on the Right.

Just for the record, I am just as outraged by the shooting death of the Army recruiters in Arkansas as I am at the shooting death of Dr George Tiller.

As I stated in my previous post, I do not approve of the abortions that Dr Tiller was involved in. But I also do not approve of the actions of a right wing wacko (I can only assume that he is a right winger, apologies if I am wrong) in killing him because they disagree with him and think the world would be better off without him.

But just the same, I do not approve of some left wing wacko (again, assuming they were left wingers) killing an Army recruiter because of their anti-war stance.

I too, do not approve of war. I don't think it is as necessary as some think. However, I am not going to kill someone that is pro-war just to prove my point.

As Dave said in a recent post, two wrongs do not make a right.

Both murders were unnecessary and senseless.

Murder does not solve anything.

It should NEVER be used to justify a political means. You can not prove your point to the "other side" by killing one of them. It only makes you and your cause look bad and usually helps to further their cause instead of your own.

So you are a pro-life activist. You kill an abortion doctor. What does that prove? That you are not as pro-life as you think you are.

So you are an anti-war activist. You kill an army recruiter. What does that prove? I have nothing. What? To keep them from recruiting more people to join the military? That's just stupid. It proves nothing.

Murder justifies nothing. It is ALWAYS wrong.

There, I have said my peace.


  1. You've always been consistent on that and I pretty much knew where you were on the whole deal.... consistent... just like me.

    I say the killer of the baby killer should get the death penalty. Consistent.

    I know you disagree and are against the death penalty and I respect that, ...I just like symmetry.

    As far as the "anti-war" Jihadist (how can you be an anti-war jihadi anyway?) muslim convert who shot up that recruiting station killing 1 and wounding another?
    Putting him in prison for life is like sending him straight to an al qaeda training camp. So I would grant his wish and send him to club Gitmo for an extended vacation of fun in the sun.

  2. I don't think "left" and "right" labels work very well in either instance. From descriptions of both suspects, I think we will find they share a common trait: each is a loner who wanted desperately to strike a blow for his "cause." Loose cannons, both. No legitimate pro-life organization would ever embrace Tiller's killer. Sadly, Islamic terrorists probably would embrace the other guy.

  3. anti-war jidahist. i thought that was funny too.

  4. I appreciate your sensibilities on this Otter, however I have noted anchor baby Michele Maulkkkin has found a murder she can politicize by trying to hang the murder of an Army recruiter around the neck of lefties, Amish and other pacifists.

    Truth is, the guy was Muslim and of questionable pigmentation irate for the murder and torture of his Muslim brothers.

    Which is even better for Our Lady Of Concentration Camps.

    Teh stupid. It buuuurns.

  5. Dave, reports today are saying the anti-war jihadist wasn't working alone and other attacks are/were planned... so comparing Islamic Jihad to Christianity doesn't fly.

    Christians believe the guy who killed the baby killer is going to Hell for doing it. Muslims see things the opposite.

  6. Every wacko liberal blogger on the planet it politicizing the murder of Dr Tiller... yet you have the nerve to point the finger at Michelle Malkin for politicizing a murder?